Friday, April 18, 2014

Masik Collegiate Fragrances Review & GIVEAWAY

Hello friends! Today I am am excited to tell you about Masik Collegiate Fragrances! Masik Collegiate Fragrances is a fragrance company that was founded to create fine fragrances for colleges and universities. Each school in the Masik collection has a different “signature scent” men’s cologne and women’s perfume. The signature scents are inspired by unique elements of each school such as campus flowers and trees, school colors and landmark and architectural style. The fragrances are officially licensed by each university which means a percentage of each bottle sold goes back to the university’s athletic/scholarship funds.

This is such a fun and brilliant idea! Don't we all love to show school/team spirit? Now you can even rock your College's signature scent!! ♥ I received two scents to review: LSU (for her) and UNC (for him). The fragrances are not too over powering, (perfect for someone with a sensitive nose, like me!) but they are long lasting. You can read the description of these specific fragrances below:

Inspiration for the LSU Scents: A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of LSU.  The Stately Oaks that Grace Campus, The Luring Glow of Purple and Gold and The Incredible Strength of the Fighting Tigers. Noble, Determined and Majestic.

Inspiration for the UNC Scents: A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of the University of North Carolina. The Beauty of the Old Well, The Reverence of the Tar Heels and The Undeniable Allure of Carolina Blue. Charming, Legendary and Irresistible.

Right now, Masik currently has 20 School fragrances, see if they have YOURS here. You can also check them out on Facebook & Twitter! If you are loving the idea and want to get your hands on your School's scent, then you are in luck! 

Enter to WIN a Masik Scent of their choice
You can enter via the rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to UP your chances of WINNING!?
Well You can ALSO enter Masik's FB Photo Contest
for a chance to a win $100 Gift Certificate to!! Find that contest here.

Much Love & Hugs,
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

April FREE Beauty Events!

Hey friends, have you heard about Free Beauty Events!?  Its a great site for free makeovers, free samples and a chance to win beauty products in monthly contests!

On their site you can enter your zip code to find out what makeover, gift with purchase, spa open houses and sampling events are happening near your home. For example on May 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, you can check out the L’Oreal Suncare events at CVS and Walgreens. You can also go to the Walgreens SaturDate with Beauty with Simple on April 12th to try their skincare products and get coupons.

In addition to listing in-store makeovers, also features a blog on product reviews ( and a monthly contest They also do a contest each week with a smaller prize on their blog! 

Here’s the info for their latest contest of the month: They will be giving away 5 prizes! Each prize will consist of Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15, POND’S Luminous Finish BB+ Cream Light, and Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! Satin Finish Lotion. The Contest runs from 4/1/2014 to 6/30/2014, winners will be chosen on 7/1/2014 and notified by 7/15/2014.  

To enter, all youhave to do is go to and supply your name, email (only used to contact winners), and zip.

Readers can also follow them on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.  

Much Love & Hugs,
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Get The Look | Coral Smokey Eye

Hey fabulous friends! Thanks so much for stopping by. Well, it seems like its been ages since I have shared a makeup look! Truth be told, most of the past month I have been wearing little to no makeup - if you can believe that! haha

So anyways, I am happy today to share a new look that is perfect for Spring. Lately I am obsessed with the color Coral. There is a wide variety of shades of coral, and I LOVE them all. And it seems I am not the only one. Coral seems to be the IT color for Spring right now. So with that, today I am sharing a nice coral smokey eye look and video tutorial for you. And what's perfect about this look is that Coral is one of those colors that will look amazing on every eye color!
Details on this look:

MBA Anti-Aging Mineral Foundation #6 Honey
MBA Healing Blush Sweetheart
MBA Bronzer Goddess Glow
MBA Illuminizer Illuminate

MBA Shadow Poxy (Primer)
MBA Shadow Halo
MBA Shadow Gossip
MBA Shadow Cranberry
MBA Gel Eye Liner Black
Jordana Black Eyeliner Pencil
Too Faced LashGasm Mascara

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Amsterdam

You can find My Beauty Addiction (MBA) products here:
or here:

Nails: ImPRESS Press on Manicure by Broadway Nails

Earrings: Styles 4 Less
Necklace: Gifted

Watch the video below for the full tutorial on how YOU can create this look! And if you do create this look, or use this tutorial to create a similar look, I would LOVE to see. So please share either in a blog post (leave the link in a comment below) or share photos on my facebook page! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Plexus Slim (Weight Loss Drink) Review

Hello, hello sweet friends! Today I have a WEIGHT LOSS Product review to share with you. This review has been a LONG time coming, but I for one reason or another kept putting it on the back burner. A BIG part of the reasons for that I was actually considering selling Plexus. YES, I liked it THAT much. So that right away tells you something. ;) I finally decided I just dont want to commit to selling anything right now, however, maybe in the future I might.

Moving on, lets just get to the review now shall we? Plexus Slim is described from the site as: "the most-natural, healthy solution to help you lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle. Slim also helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels. In addition, Slim helps reduce binge eating and increases your willpower over food. Simply pour into a bottle of water 30 minutes before a meal, drink, and experience the results you’ve been dreaming of"

Sounds amazing, right!? Also sounds too good to be true, too, huh? Believe me, I feel you on that. I am always skeptical of anything claiming to help you lose weight. I am skeptical if it can and will REALLY WORK? Or be a waste of Money? But my biggest concern (as I am sure would be most of yours) is... Is it safe? Or can this be harmful to my health?

I will address those factors soon, but first, let me just tell you what I received. My sweet bloggy friend Mandy (you may know her as the beauty behind Life Songs Of A Busy Mom) asked me if I would be interested in trying. She had tried it herself, and loved it so much, she decided to sell Plexus. She is familiar with my weight loss story, and knew I hadn't used any supplements or "diet" kind of things to help, but thought I may want to give Plexus a try.

I was at a plateau point, in my journey, and frustrated by my lack of "progress". So I thought, what the heck, I am gonna give this a try! She sent me a full bag of Plexus Slim and the Accelerator... As shown/described in the photo below.

Now before I got any further with my result or thoughts, let tell you right away....  Yes, I spoke with my Doctor about Plexus to make sure it was ok for me to take. And not only for me, but because I really wanted to be sure of safety before recommending a product like this on my blog to anyone else!
Well my Doctor said it was completely safe. Even better, as she read over all the ingredients, she was very impressed that all the ingredients could easily be read and she knew what each one was. So, nothing crazy or dangerous in it. And again, she said I was fine to take and use it.

With my doctors approval, I began using it. Now, I only had a month supply... So I thought it would be best to use it sparingly, only on the days I was working out. I was loving it. It definitely helped me with my energy for workouts. However, when Mandy checked in with me, and I told her how I was using it, this is what she informed me:

"I will tell you though that they found if you don't use it everyday, the weight loss effects are not as great, as if you take it everyday to keep it in your system It's important to keep it in your system everyday so your sugar levels stay level and your body is able to let go of that fat that it holds onto when your sugar levels are not balanced. I know the stuff is expensive so I'm sure you wanted to save it, but if you do want the full effect of it; use it everyday. I think you'll be very pleased!"

So after that, I decided to go ahead and take it EVERY day! Along with giving me more energy, I definitely notice it curbed my appetite. I did find that more than anything, (concerning my appetite) it made me REALLY thirsty. Which I liked, because I need to drink more water. And for a while I hadnt been doing so great at staying hydrated. But while with drinking plexus I am drinking plenty of water.

Right away once I starting to take plexus everyday I lost 3 pounds. That weight loss was within a 10 days period! Which may not seem like much, but at that time I was only able to make it to the gym 2 days (instead of my usual 5) and I had one total junk food & wine day hanging with my bestie.With all that considered, I was wow'd by the results!

Over all...It was with Plexus that I finally got passed my plateau, and hit my smallest weight of 163 pounds! I am in a size 6 pants now! AND I even had a measurement LOSS in my arms! I know I have not done a weight loss update with measurements in ages, BUT if you remember... My arms were the ONE thing on my body that was NOT improving. And I lost an INCH! AN INCH! I tell you, I was jumping up and down in excitement over that victory! ♥

So, what do I think of Plexus? Does it work? Do I recommend it? I love it, and YES AND YES! The down side of it all, is that yes, it IS pricey. BUT I would love to encourage you to join Mandy's Plexus group on Facebook! You can request to join here. She shares LOTS of helpful info there, and often does giveaways! You can also request info from her about joining with Plexus (becoming an ambassador) and getting a pretty big discount on products.

You can also find Mandy's Plexus Website here, and like her on facebook here!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Makeup Monday #68

Hello Beauty Babes, and happy Makeup Monday to you! Makeup Monday is a fun linky party dedicated to all things makeup & beauty. ♥ If you are a beauty blogger or have a beauty related post, I'd love to invite you to join in and link up below!
I do ask that if you link up to share the love: visit/comment one or two (or more) other links. 
REMEBER: This link up is for makeup/beauty related posts only!
This includes but not limited to beauty reviews, how-to's, hauls, giveaways, mani's, and hair/makeup look inspirations.

If you do not have a blog, but showcase beauty elsewhere like instagram or flicker, or youtube you are still welcome to link up as well, please just link to a specific photo, though, not your whole account! :) 

You can Subscribe to the Makeup Monday newsletter if you want to stay up to date about the link up, features, challenges and giveaways! 

1. There is NO limit to how many posts you can link up! However, I do ask that you link to a specific Blog Post, not your entire blog.
2. Please grab a button to add to your blog/blog post or link back to Makeup Monday 
3.* Follow your hosts Agape Love Designs & Wink for Pink    
4.* Tweet about this linky using hashtag #MakeupMonday and Tag @mariagridley
*Not Mandatory but appreciated

Makeup Monday

Much Love & Hugs,
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