Friday, December 31, 2010

Barbie-Liv Doll Headband Tutorial

My daughter Kiah got 2 Liv Dolls for Christmas this year! If you haven't heard of these dolls, they are kind of like a mixture of barbie and brats dolls. They are way cute. Their hair is removable and they come with different wigs you can change them out to have different hair. Kiah wanted to me play with her this morning, and I was telling her how when I was a little girl I would hand sew my barbies new outfits to wear! And more than actually playing barbies with my sisters, I would be a shop owner and "sell" all my handmade clothes to my sisters, for their barbies! LOL  Well I guess much hasn't changed, I still LOVE to create things by hand. And even have my own real shop on etsy. :)

Anywho... as I was playing with one of her Liv Dolls, dressing her up and doing her hair, I was thinking.. she NEEDED a cute little something for her hair! I sat for a minute thinking how I could make a small enough clip for her.. then I realized I could make a cute little headband super quick and EASY! :)  So I did. And we both just LOVED how it turned out that I decided to share the quick Tutorial with you! :)

Glue Gun
Thin Elastic hair band
scrap of felt
and little ribbon rosette 
or any small flower of some sort.
I made this one with satin ribbon.. but I have seen similar ones for sale in the walmart craft/fabric section.

Take elastic and wrap around your dolls head for measurement. You will want to cut a smidgen shorter than her head measurement, since its elastic and it will stretch to fit snugly on her head!
 Cut the elastic...
 Cut a small circle from the felt to fit the back of your rosette.
 Add a good amount of hot glue to the back of your rosette.
 stick both ends of your elastic in the glue!
Cover with the felt!
 Then accessorize your Liv Doll and have a fun little Photo Shoot!

Did I go overboard, or what? LOL I admit it was really fun taking pictures of her! :) And making the headband took me about 2 minutes, if that! :)
What do you think? Wouldnt your daughter just LOVE one of these for her barbie or Liv doll??

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Zebra Print Light Switch Cover {Tutorial}

Today I was browsing around the internet doing a search for Zebra Print Decor, for Kiahs room! Im really wanting to finish up her room, and really make it her own. :)
Well I came across these CUTE light switch and outlet covers! I thought they were sooo adorable and wanted to buy them for her. They would be such a cute little accent, to add to her Zebra theme!

Not to mention when we bought our house, we never bought new covers.. most people wouldnt think its a need, but ours were probably original to this 30 year old house and very dirty (un cleanable stained dirty). And I begged the hubs to paint them purple, when we painted her walls, to cover the ugly stains and just keep it a nice flow. Rather than nice clean new purple walls and then ugly yellowish stained eye sore! :) Anywho.. he said no, that it wasnt a good idea. Boys.. what do they know! LOL

But I GUESS Im glad we didnt, because then I would never have come up with this cooooool project! :) So Like I said, I found these cute covers and wanted to buy them! BUT guess what stopped me? Uh-huh.. the thing that stops most every crafter I know! The PRICE!! These babies ranged from 7-14 dollars!! I know that may not seem like much.. but for one a stinkin light cover! COME ON! :) Plus having to buy more for each outlet cover too, AND shipping costs! I dont know.. I just couldnt do it. Then I thought to myself, as I often do, that I could probably MAKE these myself. I remembered I had bought some zebra print fabric, that I found on sale at walmart ($1 for about a yard and a half). I figured it could come in handy for any future projects I may do for Kiahs room.. and what better project to start with than this one? :)

So here is the SUPER easy peasy and CHEAP Tutorial!
First remove current cover:
(See how gross it was!)
Current Light Switch Cover 
Fabric of choice
(any fabric that would match your room decor)
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Pen or Pencil 
(I used a marker and it bled through when I applied the mod podge, its not that noticeable because it goes with the zebra print.. but for other fabrics it may look bad. Pencil would be best)

Set your cover on the fabric and trace around it, and all the openings.

To cut the small holes I just folded it where I drew the hols then made a little snip!

Set fabric aside and bust out the mod podge. 
I used a paper towel under the cover so I didnt get the glue on my table cloth!
Start applying the mod podge all over your cover.

Once your cover is completely covered in an even layer of mod podge, set your fabric on top of it carefully to match up all the holes. Then press firmly and smooth out over the cover.

Then add another layer of mod podge over the fabric. I did two coats.

Let it dry about 20 minutes.

Then replace back over the switch! Kiah was so excited that she wanted to help! :) SO I let her screw the cover back on! :)

And when youre done, admire your lovely new chic light switch!!! :)

These were so fast, easy and cheap, Im going to be doing all the rest of her outlet covers as well ( which will be about 4 more)!
Of course I just had to make a quick post of this first! :) 
I say thats not bad! Something that could have potentially cost me $35 at the least, was only a $1 project!! :)

What is yours or your child room decor?? How fun would this be to really personalize the room! Oh my I just had a thought of some gorgeous damask print fabric to use on a cover!! How gorgeous would that be!? ooOOo.. I just may have to do that, for my precious niece Isabella whose room is pink and black with a Damask and Princess theme! :) What prints would YOU use for this project?

I'm gonna be linking up this project {here}

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 Post of 2010

Everyone has been posting their top 10 post of 2010, I thought it was such a wonderful idea. I Decided to post my own! :) Craftaholics Annoymous is hosting a link up party to boot! :) So Ill be linking up over there. :) I checked my blog stats and here are the top ten most viewed posts on my blog. :)

Up First is my first real post on this blog! Its always being viewed.. any time I check my stats this post is always on the list! Though not many comments! :(
Want more nail art tutorials? Click {here}

I made several versions of this.
Check out more of my free printables {here}








There are 2 other versions. :)

So according to the stats those of are my top post of 2010! :)
But I thought it would be fun to go ahead and add some of my own fav post of 2010! :)
Here they are:

There are 4 posts from start to finish, be sure to check them all out! :)
This picture (of me & the Hubs) is the end result!

Ive had some really great photo shoots this year!
here are a few of my favs.. 


And Lastly... 
is def a fav post of mine. :)

Its been a really great year. Ive REALLY enjoyed having this blog as my creative outlet, sharing my ideas and learning new things for other great bloggers! Here is to another great year! :)
Let me know what were YOUR favorite posts of mine this year?
I'd love to hear from you! A goal of mine for 2011 is to improve my blog, and work on my other 2 blogs.
SO lets hear some feed back. Which posts do you like the best, what would you like to see more of, or less of on here?? :) Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my Top ten!! 
Hope you have a truly blessed day!! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Message In A Pancake!

Today, on top of creating a really really rediculously good looking new free New Years printable for you, I also made some fun pancakes for the kiddos!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am sick... and the reason I am sick is because my youngest is sick! :( Poor guy! He had been stuck on me like white on rice! SO naturally I got sick too. Poor Zander got sick around 1 AM the night before Christmas eve! I woke up at 1AM to some scary sound, I run to check on the kids.. and find that its Zan coughing! :( His nose was plugged up and he also had a fever. What a time to be sick..with all the activity of Christmas going on. :( On top of that he has hardly eaten ANYTHING for the past few days. So I decided today I would make some fun pancakes.. I knew he wouldnt be able to resist!

Figured since I was at it, I would share them with you! :) So here goes:
Pancake Mix
Sandwich baggy
Step One: Make your pancake mix
Step Two: Add mix to sandwich baggy, then cut a SMALL piece of the bottom corner of the bag! This will make it similar to a cake icing bag, so you can use it to "write" with.

Warm up your pan, and add some oil (I like mine crispy). The draw your design!

After your design has been on and it cooked through, (it wont take but a minute), add pancake mix over as you usually make them.

Wait until you see bubbles.. then you know its time to flip the pancake!
Then there you have your message in a pancake! :)

If you want to actually write something out.. make sure you know how to write backwards! I stick to easy words, with letter that look the same forward and backwards! :)

Get creative and make lots of fun designs!! :) The kids will LOVE this... they can make suggestions for you! :) Not only are they fun for the kids (and you) to eat, they are really fun to make!  
Take a closer look!


Are you hungry for some yummy breakfast now?? :) 
Then what are you waiting for... Go try this out!! Blog about it and leave me a link!! I wanna see your pancake creations!! A link back is always awesome too! :)

P.S. If youre a pancake lover.. you should definitely try a YUMMY little recipe the hubs and I just happen to make up. Try out {Blueberry Muffin Pancakes} found on my second blog!

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