Sunday, May 2, 2010

Evil Mamarazzi

I know, I know I'm so mean! lol But I cant be the ONLY mom who sometimes gets a laugh out of the fits their kids throw! Right? So This is my youngest son, Zander. He is 13 months old, and he is such a great kid, with such a sweet disposition and mostly independent and happy! Of course when I happen to be completely occupied he is all over it and HAS to have my attention. lol Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Or is it just my kids? ;)

So there I am, sitting there with a mountain of laundry that Ive got to fold and put away for our 5 member family. In stomps Zander (otherwise known as babyzilla) who wants me to hold him. Which was fine.. I didnt mind having him in my lap while I folded some laundry. That was until he wanted to start pushing over piles and unfolding everything! lol I firmly tell him NO! He starts to pout then wants to wiggle in my lap and turn and all that. So I tell him no again and this time put him off my lap... there he is standing next to me and starts the tantrum! Normally I would call for the hubs to the rescue so I could get some work done! lol BUUUT this time I decided to make some fun of it and grabbed my cam real quick hehe... so I could share my dramatic son in action. :)

Step 1: The scream

Step 2: The whine

Step 3: Oh the Humanity!

Step 4: A little pouty defeat

And if you're curious.. here is my precious little prince sans the 'tude!


Look how sweet that smile is! :)


yeah Im a proud mama.. he is an angel and I 'yove' him (as my 4 year old, who cannot pronounce "L's" yet, would say)

Woot woot.. come on lets hear it for the mamarazzi :)


*Photos all edited by me :) And have been reduced in size to fit the blog!


  1. HOLY MOLY!!

    I did NOT think he would look so much like Kiah. Totally thought he would look like Bruce!

    These are very very good. I can't wait to do kid and baby shoots. My favorite are the 2nd and 4th ones.

  2. Aww Tay!
    lol Yeah He does look a lot like Kiah! I was thinking that same thing. lol
    And I love doing kid shoots! You would be great at it. They are just so fun.. and it seems it doesnt matter what they do.. the photos always turn out good. LOL
    Zander seems to be my fav subject to shoot lately. lol

  3. this blog is hilar- marie! love ya mona :)


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