Wednesday, May 19, 2010

unbeWEAVEably cute Barrette!

*Ive noticed this post has gotten very popular, so I decided to update it. 
Since it was written so long ago, back when I first started blogging. 
And my tutorials were very unorganized and messy. 
So hopefully this should read a little nicer for you all! 5/25/12*


These ribbon weave barrette's are a blast from the past! But isnt all fashion really just recycled from the past at some point? 

Well I am noticing a tread lately, that 80's fashion is BACK. Neon colors, tights, color blocking, big prints and such. 

So how about a cute little something from your childhood, for YOUR child! :) 
These barrettes are "UnbWEAVEably" adorable for any little girl to wear!! 

And they are just too easy to make!

Here is what you will need:

 ~Double Bar Barrettes
 ~One yard EACH of any 2 colors of 1/8-inch ribbon.
(I found mine at Walmart  for only .47 cents each)

 I decided to go with Pink & Blue for my sister, those are her fav colors!

Step One:
Bring the ribbon (one on top of the other) to the bend of the barrette,
 make sure the ribbon is centered and there is an even amount of ribbon on each side.
*Please excuse my disgusting nails.. I had been to lazy to make 'em pretty again. 
Also I made thi the morning after finishing the 49er room..
so there was still paint stuck under my nails and on my skin! ewwy.

Step two: 
Bring one side of the ribbon over and under

Step three: 
Do the same with the other side

Step four: 
Keep weaving the ribbon, back and forth until the barrette is covered

As you continue to weave down the colors will switch back and forth, in a pattern.

When you get to the end you can knot the ribbon together in the middle and let the excess hang all pretty.  My daughter Kiah is wearing the finished product in the first picture above!
I Love how it looks. So CUTE!

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. Nice job on the hair clip. Really Cute!

    Emily @

  2. love, love, love this idea. I'm so going to try this. I think my girls will love this.

  3. That is such a cute idea! Going to go get barrettes just to do that!!!!

    1. I know isn't it! Thanks it means alot!

  4. I wore these as a kid in the 80s! I had every color. I think I may need to make some of these for my daughters.

  5. How much ribbon do you use?

  6. I cannot believe that I did not remember having these, and even making some, as a child...way back in the day. I am totally making my daughter some! Thanks for the share!


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