Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dollar Tree Score :)

If you know me, you know I love the dollar tree. haha Its a great place to stock up on craft supplies and it has a lot of other great potentials too! Just yesterday I was out with my sisters and we had to make a dollar tree trip, since we were in the next town over and theirs is better than the one in my town! lol Well I found they had these cute wall vinyls! I was looking through them and found a couple I wanted to buy for around the house.. then I was sooooo excited cause I found ROBOTS!!!!! :) Yeah I was like overly excited cause I mean... its hard to find robots, you've got to be creative. So to find them at the dollar tree to boot.. ahh total SCORE! :)

So here are the robots... cute right? And it comes from and back so 6 robots for a $1, I bought no joke 10 of them. :) I already have some ideas brewing for the boys room. So stay tuned!

I also found these totally gorgeous vinyl phrases, to use around the house. :)


The very top one is actually a chalk board. :) I thought Kiah would like it in her room.. maybe on her door.

Anywho... thats my dollar tree score... I just HAD to share!


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  1. Nice scores at the Dollar Store. I love that Place! I have some of those robots too, but I think I only bought 2 packs! :) You could do some neat stuff with 10 of them. Can't wait to see it.


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