Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scrabble Shadow Box

I came up with this idea a little over 2 years ago, when my sister had a scrabble game she was getting rid of because the box was ripping and some letter blocks were missing. (this happens when you have little ones lol)

I excitedly asked her if I could take it off her hands. The idea had been rolling around in my head for a while, and I wasnt quite sure if I wanted to buy a new game for it or not. When I found out she was needing to buy a new one, I felt proud of myself for waiting. :)

Since Ive been wanting to make a new one soon, to include Zander, it was on my mind so I decided I should share my idea with you. Because I really love mine, and always get compliments on it when people see it.



You can tell how old mine is... they dont make this scrabble board anymore.. its a more colorful game board now, which still looks good... But I think I prefer the simple plain look of the old scrabble board for this project.

You can see the new versions below.. I made one for my older and younger sisters Mona, and Alea. I still need to do one for my youngest sister Samantha! She has mentioned it to me, 'when do I get mine!' LOL

This one is Alea's. I did a wedding theme, since at the time she was a newly wed. :) My Daughter Kiah was the flower girl. ♥ (btw their last name is Young.. thats why its one of the words there!)


This one below is of my older sisters family. Of course they now have a 2 month old.. so she needs an updated version too! She took the pic for me with her cell phone.. sorry for the grainy-ness of the photo! :)

Just by looking at the pictures Im sure it seems easy enough to make one for yourselft. So Im not doing a tutorial. But here are some helpful tips:

~I used scalloped scissors to cut out my pictures and give it an extra touch of personality
~I used a hot glue gun for it all
~I made sure all out names would be included first (including last name), then added other words that meant something like family, faith, love.. etc
~Write out all the words you want on a paper, as you would on the scrabble board to make sure they will all fit and work have to get creative with it!
~Make sure you have enough letters for the words you want! (Sometimes this means needing more than one game!)
~I used other things like stickers, and small scrap book scrabble pieces to embellish around the game board and shadow box.. so it doesnt look too empty!
~make sure to get the right size shadow box!! I believe my first try was a 11x17 (or something like that) and it was a tough fit.. the next 2 I made(the ones for my sisters) were 16x20 and they fit perfectly! I bought the shadow box frames at Micheal's.
~Be creative.. I did a family theme for myself and Mona, a wedding theme for Alea.. but you can do any kind of theme; vacation theme, all kids theme, pet theme, craft theme or even a family game night theme! How cute would that be considering what youre using! :)

Hope that helps.. if any of you lovely readers happen to make one of your own, please come back and show me your creations! :) Id love to see your versions!! :)

I even loved it some much I had created a digital one for fun, to put on my myspace..


hehe :)

Well Im off to bed now.. got church in the morning! :) Hope everyone has a wonderful Fathers day!


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  1. Great way to use up the scrabble boards!

  2. Cute idea. I've been using teh holders and tiles around and changing words ever so often. I might try this with the board.

  3. How fun is that! So creative!
    I'd love if you linked this up to my Scrappy Saturdays:

  4. Thanks ladies! :)

    &&Ill check out Scrappy Saturdays, and link it! :)

  5. This is the second project that's on my to do list that I've found someone else beat me to. I guess I'm not as original as I thought. LOL. Looks great. I'm still looking for the perfect frame to complete mine.

  6. No matter what we do, most likely its not original. haha.. it seems everything has already been done! :( LOL All we can do is expand on ideas or make them slightly different, to make them our own.

    When I first made this over 2 years ago, Id never seen anything like it.. and the idea just came to me. But Im sure Im prolly not the first. How ever it is rare.. and a lot of people think its original and creative cause THEY didnt think of it. hehe

    So You are still pretty creative for having the thought to to it before seeing someone else. :) And thats what matters. :)

  7. by the way.. idk about you.. but I love the shadow box frame.. it really showcases the whole piece nicely.. with lots of room instead of craming it into a tight picture frame. :) I got mine at Micheal's. Good luck with your project!


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