Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adorable Cupcake Head Band

Here is a cute little something I came up with, a few days ago. Im sure the idea isnt new (nothing ever is! LOL). But I thought it was adorable and wanted to share a little tutorial, for you all to try out for yourself!

First you need to start by Making some ribbon curls. :) I followed this tutorial by Pink Tea. I Love all her stuff!!

Then you want to cut out a cupcake shape in felt. (cut 2 identical shapes) I just drew out a cupcake then cut it out and flipped it over. :)

Use wide width ribbon of your choice for the bottom or "wrapper" of the cupcake.

Cut it so there is extra around both sides. Use hot glue for the front. Then wrap it around and glue the back at an angle.

Now you want to start gluing the ribbon down. I started at the bottom with a long line. And I learned that it may be easier to keep the ribbon curls more "fluffy" and bunched, by just doing short lines of hot glue and adding the ribbon a little at a time. I took these picture at my first attempt making these.. so there is a little trial and error. :)

When you start to put the ribbon down, make sure there is a little excess hanging out at the start.

You can see its not perfect... my next one was a lot better. :) But it still looks cute! :)

Glue the over hangs to the back.

For the cherry on top... I found these adorable beads at Walmart for a dollar. :) But you can use any kind of bead or even a button, anything you think would look cute, that could act as a cherry on top.

I added some green string for the stem.

And hot glued that to the top.

Now you can hot glue it to the side of any head band.
Then this is where the extra felt cut-out comes in. Glue that to the underside of the cupcake after its glued onto the head band (sandwiching in the headband). This just makes it smooth and also hides the ugly back of the cupcake (with the writing and ribbon ends!)

to add some new pics, with a better version of my cupcake! :) Practice helps!
(Model is my daughter Kiah.)

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  1. that is really cute, great idea. I like the little bead you used. I'll try to make them for stocking stuffers.

  2. by the way, the new header looks cute, the little feet in the corner are precious.

  3. Aww thank you so much! I was wanting something a little more personal and that showed my style. :)

  4. Very Sweet cupcake headband! It is so cute. Thanks for sharing your great project. I will be linking to it.

  5. Oh great, thanks! I'll be sure to stop by and check it out! :)

  6. that is ADORABLE! come on over and link up to MMM :)

  7. what a sweet idea! (haha no pun intended!)
    i may have to make up some of these for my girls!

  8. Super cute!! I can't wait to make one!

  9. What fun gift ideas! I love this so much.

  10. Darling! You make it looks so easy! :)

    Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

  11. That is too cute! I could see this as a favor for a little girl's party. Saw this on UTT&D link party. Love it!

  12. Oh my gah, this is so super cute!!


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