Friday, September 10, 2010

Felt Tooth Pillow

He is just the cutest little guy, If I do say so myself! :)

The idea to make this little guy just popped into my head out of the blue earlier today, and I just had to sit and create him!!
Not only is he in a cute little tooth shape, he also holds teeth for your child, who has recently lost a tooth! Instead of putting the tooth under their pillow.. where there is a chance of it getting moved or lost.. or waking the child while trying to find said tooth! LOL instead you can put the tooth in a little pocket on this tooth pillow set on the night stand, or anywhere convenient!
Here is a little tutorial I put together for you. Im very pleased with how it turned out.. this being my first time making him!

Supplies needed:
2 sheets of felt (white)
Some black felt
and either red or pink felt (i used pink...but it looks red in the pictures)
Quilters batting
needle & thick thread
Glue Gun
And a pattern template.

I scanned the pattern I drew so you can feel free to save and print out (here), if you would like to make your own tooth pillow. Or you can just draw your own tooth! :)

I decided that having a template pattern would be better than drawing the tooth directly on the felt.. I didnt want any pen or marker lines showing!
So Cut out the template and stick it to the felt somehow. (I used sticky dots) but you can also use pins. Then cut the felt to match the pattern. I cut both at the same time.

After you have both your tooth shapes cut out, you will want to cut these following shapes:
-A pocket (on my template)
-Two very small circles
-Two oval Shapes for the eyes
-one smile shape
-Two Circles

Then use them to arrange the face. :) You can create the face how ever you wish, but when I thought about a cute little face.. one stuck in my mind. I was inspired by this photograph of a popcorn bowl! How cute right!! So this is how I did the face:

Next thing is to use the hot glue gun, to glue the white spots on the eyes..

Then Glue the cheeks down (use the glue sparingly and mainly in the center, leaving the edges glue free), Then glue the smile down. I decided I wanted to glue them for extra staying power.. but had to have the fun stitch look!

So after its glued.. I stitched around the cheeks.. how cute do they look! :)

I did the same this with the eyes, though you cant really see the black on black.. But I did it anyways for the quality of it! :)

Here you can see the back. I also like to add a dab of hot glue to the tied ends of the thread to make sure they stick real well and dont pull lose.

Next, take the second tooth cut out, and flip it over. You will sew the pocket to the back. :)

Figure out the placement.. I decided just to put it in the center:

Then stitched around it.

It doesnt have to be perfect, I think sometimes when its a little messy it adds character. :)

And the back side:

Now that you have both front and back of the pillow complete.. its time to move on to the stuffing.

I used quilters batting.. and I used 2 layers.. so the pillow is pretty thin. But You can add as much stuffing as you want for the look and feel you desire.

Again I used the template to cut it out.. then I cut around the border again to make is smaller than the actual size of the felt. That way when I stitched around.. I wouldnt have to worry about it sticking out!

Then I started a cute little stitch around the edges. :) I know I could have used white thread so it didnt show.. but I chose to use black because I thought a cute little outline would look more kid friendly, fun, and cartoonish.

Im glad I did that, because I really like the way it was looking! Here it is half way there!

And completely done!

I wanted to just keep taking pictures of the little guy.. he is sooo cute!! :)

And my kids fell in love with him... Im going to have to buy more supplies to make him some brothers and sisters! hehe

Over all I am totally thrilled with how this turned out, from just an idea that came to my mind,on my first attempt making him!

I want to give him a name.. any suggestions?? :) Let me know!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. and if you make your own, then please come back and share!!!
I'll be linking up to these wonderful parties!!


  1. I hopped over from the Girl Creative. How CUTE! As far as names go I'm CLUEless. :) I'm your newest follower! If you'd like to stop by for a visit you can find me at:
    Happy Monday

  2. what a cute little tooth holder. What kid wouldn't be happy to put their tooth in there for safekeeping during the night and then finding money inside. That is too adorable. I like the stitching around, it gives it that home made feel. cute little smile.

    We recently made little "monsters" using similar techniques with felt. I'll be posting them as we get closer to Halloween. And we had a lot of fun making them, so I'm sure you had loads of fun too. Isn't mommyhood just the best time?


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