Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two Awards in One Day. :)

So two days ago I got on my blogger dashboard and had quiet a bit more comments than normal! :) Which of course made me very happy.. Then as I read then I found that I had gotten 2 different awards! :) I was so very happy and flattered! It honestly made my day, that someone would think such great things about my little blog space here. :-D
So my first award is from the AMAZING Kimbo from A Girl and a Glue Gun She has a ton of followers so Im sure she isnt new to you... but if she is make sure to check out her awesome blog! Thank you Kim for this award. :)
The Award:

The Rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous.
4. Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award.

7 thing about myself:
1.) Im 26 and a mother of 3... yes I started young... most military families do! Although my husband is now retired.
2.) I didnt get my drivers license (or even learn to drive) until 2006! That was after I had my second child and while my husband was on a year long deployment to Iraq! Boy did that make for some interesting memories... did you all know that some grocery stores allow you to shop online and they will deliver them to your door? :)
3.) I am a (as I like to call it) a lazy perfectionist! I like thing done just so, I like to have things organized and I mostly feel like no one will do it right except for me! LOL Although Im not always up for the task of being a perfectionist... so even tough it bugs me.. I will sometimes leave it alone. (if that even makes sense)
4.) Green is my favorite color
5.) When I was a child I REALLY  wanted to be a lawyer.. even before I really knew what it meant. Because either my uncle or Grandpa told me they make a lot of money. Funny thing is... I actually believe I could have made a good lawyer... hard to explain.. but my sisters would totally agree with this! Im great with debates and arguments. I can argue my point till the cows come home, but Im also good at seeing both sides... so I could turn right around and argue the other side too!
6.) I honestly do not really like my name. (and no offense to any other Maria's out there) but its just SUCH a common name! When I was in high school there was actually a girl 2 grades lower than me with the exact same name! First and last! Oye.. and if you hear that old stereo type that says Mexicans name all their girls Maria... its actually not too far off! HAHA After my dad remarried and had another daughter... guess what he named her?? Yeah you probably guessed right...Maria. Although the way he explained it, was that for mexicans (I guess) Maria is almost like a pre-fix for a real name. Which even though at the time I did have hurt feelings. I believed him.. because he has always called me this nick name "Chavela" Which is supposed to mean Maria-Isabel.. or Isabel according to my dad. My half sisters name is Maria-Angel... he calls her Helita.. meaning Little Hellen, after her mom.... Honestly I dont really get the logic... but there you have it! LOL Maria is way too common. And that is why I love unique names. As you may have noticed by my kids Names ( Kiah, Zander.. and well Bruce was named after the hubs sooo yeah).
7.) I have a crazy sneeze. They are small short and I sneeze any where from 5 to 10 or more times in a row very quickly. Everyone always looks at me like Im a freak, or laugh uncontrollably! I dont know why I sneeze like that... but I have ever since I was a baby. One the rare occasion that I do sneeze just once.. it usually hurts cause it feels too hard. LOL Im a weird one.. now you know!

Now to pass on the Award!
First up is Maria (after I just bashed our name! LOL) from Bubblegum and Duct Tape.
She is the sweetest, she always takes time to comment my blog! BOTH of them! She always has something nice to say and she makes my day most of the time. She is so creative... in the crafts she makes and her writing.

2.)Lindsay Heinzen from  Penguin Stands Alone I absolutely Love her blog... Im jealous of her AH-MAZING artistic abilities! ;) I also find her very humorous.

3.) Brittney Ciara of Not Your Average Teen. This girl is only 18 and she has so much drive and passion and love for God that she is not ashamed of! Im very inspired by her every time I read her blog! She is the sweetest girl, and also a very talented blogger and blog designer. But she does so much more.. you just have to check her blog out and totally be inspired!

4.) Tricia- Rennea of Trillustrations She is a truly talented Artist! And so sweet, on her blog she offers all kinds of freebie printables, illustrations and even some custom designs! How wonderful is that! She is so sweet to do that. Love her blog!

5.) The Sisters 4 say More is More I love their blog because they are four sisters, who blog on all the fab crafts and clothes they make, thrifty finds and life! Its great too because it makes me think of my 3 sisters, and how close we are and always will be no matter how far apart or close we live from each other!

6.) Colleen Jorgensen of Mural Maker I so enjoy her blog... because well I enjoy painting! She has a passion for painting and so do I. She has a lot of tutorials on how to paint different things.. for those who may be a little artistically challenged. ;) And she also hosts a weekly Linky party on Sundays dedicated just to all things painted, Called Passion for Paint!

7.) Jia of Untypically Jia Oh my word, this girl is HILARIOUS! I think maybe she is my guilty pleasure. haha Its sad.. I dont often to have time to sit and READ a lot of  blogs.. (You will notice most of my favs are picture blogs LOL) but I usually try to make time to read hers..   I like to read hers because she makes me laugh so hard and usually brightens my day. If most days I really cant actually READ blogs.. I will go back to her blog on a day that I do have time and read a 3 or 4 posts. :) Thanks for the laughs girl! You didnt know this.. but I was inspired by your "comics" and made one of my own.. on my 2nd blog that I share with my sisters... if you wanna check it out: here. :) heh heh

8.) Cute As a Fox Creations I love this blog! I am a huge fan of all her creative ideas and creations. One of my top fav craft blogs! She recently did the coolest Mario themed party for her hubbys 30th b-day and I am so wanting to copy all of it! :) If youre not already a follower of this blog, you MUST go check it out!!

9.) The Graphics Fairy If you know me.. you know I love The Victorian era and all things vintage-y!! LOL She has all kinds of vintage graphics that she shares for free.. and I cant tell you how many cool projects Ive seen made with the graphics she shares. They are all amazing. Gotta LOVE this blog!

10.) Cup Cakes Takes the Cake How cute is that name!? Ok so I am a new really new follower of this blog.. but already Im in love.. they share the COOLEST cupcakes ever.. definitely the place to get your cupcake fill for fun and simply amazing ideas for cup cakes!

11.) Ashley Stock of  Little Miss Momma I am also a pretty new follower of her too. But I already love her blog too. She is so sweet and sincere.. you can tell that right away. She is witty and creative, and gives good blog tips! And everything Ive read of hers so far makes me feel like she is my sister.. we have a lot in common!

12.) Osa Honey I  have been following her for years... even before I had a blog to really "follow" her... back then I just had her book marked and checked her blog every day. LOL She is probably one of my TOP digital doll makers. She is very talented, and I love all her "cookie dolls" greatest thing... she offers most everything for free to download on her blog. How sweet is that? I remember a couple years ago, when I was prego with Zander, I left her a comment asking her if she had the time if she could do a pregnant doll, and she actually DID it, a few days later! Now that is something so sweet. When I was designing layouts and such on myspace.. I used a lot of her work. She is simply amazing.

13.) Stacy from The Birthday Blog.. I am pretty new to this blog... but it is so GREAT.. a whole blog dedicated to birthdays and party themes!! How great is that!! I was so excited when I found this blog... I used to google for hours looking for cool ideas for certain themes for my kids birthday parties and such... find it all in one spot on her blog! So awesome! Gotta LOVE it! :)

14.) Jessica from Craftily Ever After I am a new follower of her blog as of today, since she was featured on someday crafts and i had to share her with everyone.. and she TOTALLY deserve an award.. cause from the few posts Ive seen Im an sooo wow'd and thats NOT an exaggeration! You definitely MUST check her out, if you love crafts, you will adore her blog!


I'll be posting my 2nd award later this week, when I get more time!!! :)


  1. So funny, this is really interesting facts about you, fun reading for sure. :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hi Maria,
    It's so nice to learn all these things about you. I don't think you're lazy, having three kids would make anyone ignore their own perfectionist's voice.

    I'm TOTALLY with you on the name thing. I too named my kids in a way that "to me" wasn't perfect, like Erik with a K instead of a C and Ely with a Y instead of an i. I LOVE uncommon names too and I always let people know I love their name when I meet people with uncommon names.

    I went as far as changing my own name to Jackeline Maria, legally, only so I too could have an uncommon name. I know, it's an extreme thing for anyone to do but I felt I had to do it. Everyone still calls me Maria but at least at work, everyone knows me as Jackeline. Too funny we both don't like our names. AND, get this, my oldest sister (she's 55) her name is ALSO Maria!

    You are so sweet in passing the award to me, I'm so flattered you thought of me and all the nice things you said about me. Well, all I can say is THANK YOU, you're awesome.

  3. Your sweet words completely made my day!

  4. Jia: Well your posts make my day on several occasions! LOL Im glad I can make you day this time! :)

    Maria.. you are too funny!! I never thought abouy legally changing my name.. but funny story... In high school I told everyone my middle name was Practice.. its kind of a long story of how I decided on the name "practice" BUT I went all through high school and so many people believed it.. I like that cause at least it made some part of my name unique. And the funny thing is, that up until we got married and my husband saw my birth certificate.. he still thought my middle name was Practice! HAHAHAHA I swear I thought I had told him the truth... but I guess now. People would even ask my mom.. and I asked her to just go with it, so she would agree that my middle name was practice. :) Love it. :)

  5. that's funny, how sweet of your mom to go along with it.

  6. Thank you for the award!!! I liked learning a little bit about you too :)

  7. thank you for the award and the major shout out! i love the way you write! its like you are having a convo face to face... it makes people feel like they really know you and i love that! your photos are beautiful!
    so cool that you also have 3 sisters, im gonna check that blog out next!


  8. Congrats on your well deserved awards!! Thank you for thinking of me as well, that was so sweet of you!

  9. Maria thank you very much for sharing the award with me!. I love your name, I am Mexican and I appreciate your words so affectionate. You're a talented and fun woman and I am honored that I take into consideration. Kisses and I am whenever you need it!

    osa honey♥

  10. It seriously means more to me than you know that you thought of Little Miss Momma for this award! and then to top it off, I had a HUGE grin on my face the whole time I was reading your super nice compliments about my blog! you are so so sweet {and beautiful}. I am loving your blog and your little family! Great picture taking too, btw! You ROCK!


  11. Thank you, thank you!!!
    and guess what? I recently bacame an army wife... after my hubby is done with school we are going active duty! crazy!, but I'm excited too. nice to know there are fellow bloggers I can relate to!

  12. Thank you so much, Maria! (sorry, but I love your name ;) Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

    I started a feng shui blog (after thinking about it for months!) Hope you'll stop by & say hi!

  13. Colleen, Aww thanks about my name. :) Youre sweet. No worries bout how long it took.. I understand getting new sites up and running.. Ive been spending a lot of time myself getting my face book page all set up! :) Ill definitely be checking out your new blog! :) Sounds great!


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