Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clay Pot Pilgrim Hat Decor

A couple weeks ago, I was thinking about some fun fall and Thanksgiving decor ideas, while doing the dishes. :) On the window sill, in front of the sink, is a clay pot my daughter painted herself, filled with a beautiful little flower that she planted herself. It was a mothers day present. :) Then out of the blue it hit me.. I thought to myself; "hey that clay pot kinda looks like a pilgrim hat! That could be a cute idea for Thanksgiving decor!" *hehe*
 Thats when the idea set into motion. The next time I was at Walmart, I had to pick up a little clay pot, to bring my idea to life.
So if you want to make one for your home, here is what you will need:
Clay pot
Black foam paper
Yellow Foam paper
Black paint
 Gold Paint (optional)
and also a hot glue gun (not pictured)
Start off by painting your clay pot black. I did 2 good coats. It coated very easily.
I forgot to take a picture, but youre going to want to cut your black foam paper into a circle larger than the opening of the clay pot. The foam paper I had on hand was pretty narrow, so I couldnt make the circle as wide as I would have preferred. But it still worked! 
Anyways.. then you will use your hot glue gun to glue all the way around the open part of your clay pot.
Then center it on your black foam circle, and press down. Now you have the main part of the hat all done. :)
The finishing touch is adding the buckle. I used yellow foam, cut a square shape, then cut another square shape out of it:
And then I used gold paint over it. You dont have to do this, leaving it yellow will look fine.. But I just thought it would look better with a gold hue, rather than bright yellow.
Use your hot glue gun again, to glue the buckle to your hat! And youre all done!
Here is my pilgrim hat on my mantle.
Here is a pulled back view of part of my mantel. :) I will be doing more fall decor, as we move into November. So keep an eye out on my blog for more fall decor projects and possibly even some printables! :)
I love how the hat looks there! But I may be doing some rearranging.. who knows just yet! On a side note.. dont you just love that pumpkin "vase"?? I was inspired by the amazing Little Miss Momma! She has a tutorial if you wanna check it out! :)

Anywho... I will be linking up to some great parties.. be sure to check them out for other wonderful crafty ideas!!! :)



  1. Really cute and it would be fun to do with least ones over the age of five. Hmmm...I might have to wait a few years, but I'll keep it in mind.

  2. simple idea of the sensational effect:)

  3. This is SO cute! I will most likely be making one of these! Thanks for sharing!

    - Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

  4. REally nice. I'm impressed that you looked at the pot and saw a pilgrim hat.


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