Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knudsen Family Portraits Sneak Peak {Cottonwood California}

Hello all, well its been a while since Ive posted. Ive been super busy! Lots of photo shoots, and also working on my facebook page definitely check it out... when I hit 100 followers, I will be having a giveaway! I am excited to say we are more than half way there, and I have only had my page for a little over a month! :)

Also if youre local to Red Bluff California, you will find Im running a Christmas Special mini photo session! :)

Alrighty... well enough advertising my FB Page! LOL On with the family portraits sneak peek! :)

This was such a fun shoot, I looove outdoor sessions! Meet the Knudsen family (aren't they a gorgeous bunch!)

 Chase & Alisha:
What a fun loving couple! They had me laughing, they said they dont really do "serious" so I said ok lets do something goofy, like have Alisha give Chase a piggy back ride. :) Which made for some really cute photos!

 These kids are precious! You just cant help but smile when you see their adorable little faces!!

Dont you just love his lil cowboy boots!! :)

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