Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bow Pendant Necklace {Tutorial}

A few days ago I saw a bow pendant necklace online that I just fell in L♥VE with!! I really REALLY wanted it! Haha But it cost more money than I wanted to spend right now, and I knew the hubs wouldnt go for my buying any more expensive jewelry right now. Since I had recently attended, then hosted a premier designs jewelry show. So I bought a few things and earned a lot of  free jewelry too. :)
So I figured, maybe I could make one for myself for a lot cheaper. :) So I headed to Walmart... the only real store in this tiny little town. And luckily found what I was looking for!!

Here are the supplies I bought:
I found a gorgeous bow pendant, a long thick link chain, and necklace fasteners. And I figured the chain would be long enough that I could also make another.. so I bought that gorgeous cross pendant you see there too! Total cost for everything was $11.
 Here is the bow up close... ♥
 Now I'm not a jewelry maker at all, and have no experience doing this.. But I figured it couldnt be too hard. I'm not sure if I did it all the right way.. but hey it worked! :) 

So what I did was take my multi tool, and cut the chain in half.
 So now I had two separate chains.. this pic below shows the ends..
 I took the necklace fasteners and used my multi took again to loop them around the ends of the chains.
 So here is one side:
 and here is the opposite side. 
This was actually really easy.. these little loops open easily for the chain to slide in, then I used my tool to  pinch it closed again!
 I slide the pendant in place and voila! Easy peasy  warm and cheesy!! :) Now Ive got a beautiful bow pendant of my own!!
 haha I look a little dazed in this pic.. but I decided to post it anyways!!
 And the second necklace. For this one, the cross is stationary in the center of the chain. I used one of the fastener rings to connect it to the chain. I did both of these in about 10 minutes!! 
 $11, 10 minutes, and Ive got myself 2 pretty fashionable necklaces!! Hmm.. I may have to do more of these for Christmas!!! :)
What do you think?? 
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  1. That is sooo cute Isabel, I love that little bow. It happened to me too!!! I was at Macy's looking at their clearance items when I noticed a BEAUTIFUL necklace. Pearls and bows by Betsy Johnson and at over $60 just for the necklace alone, I sadly walked away, (sob). But now, I'm inspired to make my own too. Wish me luck, Walmart, here I come!

  2. YAY for you making your own as well! It really is crazy how much some jewelry cost. I understand that if you want good quality stuff then you have to pay! LOL
    But I dont mind having a cheaper version.. Ive got kids.. and things get messy or broken. Id rather have my kids lose or break something thats $11 over $60 any day! hehe
    I cant wait to see how yours turns out, hope you will post!!

  3. Oh my gracious I know you wrote this a while ago but here I am stalking you again hehe!!

    I saw those at Walmart and nearly DIED!!! I called and begged my hubs if I could get some but I had to wait till his paycheck came in... WHICH WAS TODAY!!! Walmart look out!


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