Monday, November 22, 2010

EcoSysytem Note Book! {Mail Box Monday}

I was pleasantly surprised today, when I got a package on my door step! I always love getting cool stuff in the mail! Its the best! But its even better when you're not expecting it!

I SHOULD have been expecting it, but I had totally forgot that I won the ecosystem notebook giveaway at Love Stitched!! Which is SOOO awesome, cause I never win those things! And I really wanted to win that one. :) But as I said.. I completely forgot. So getting it today really was awesome! :) Look how cute it is!! PINK!! Gotta L♥VE pink!
And it even came with a hand written note. I dont know about you, but I really thought that was neat. :) And Im not sure if they do that with all their orders.. or if it was just because this was a special giveaway.. but either way.. I think its really awesome!!
Check out the pretty inside cover!! And as most of you may know.. there is even a little pocket in the back cover! So convenient!
I got the "Artist" note book. Full of beautiful crisp white blank pages for me to fill up to my little heart (and imaginations) desire!! :)
Of course I had to "break- in" my new notebook...
So I busted out all the fun colored pens in my purse and just went with it...
This song has been stuck in my head.. and I love those lyrics.. so thats what I doodled.. :)

I almost feel silly getting excited over a notebook... but I do that! :) I love to doodle, Im a major note taker and list maker...and I keep a note pad in my purse where ever I go, in case any ideas pop into my head I want to write down. Or to doodle on when Im bored... or sketching out a design idea! :) So this was a great mail day!!


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