Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giveaway!! Headbands, Hair Accessories and More!!

Hello all! Well Im going to be doing a giveaway on my facebook page very soon!!! If I reach 100 fans by the 6th, I will be doing a giveaway. (That will be the 2 month mark) I know we will reach that goal and maybe even go above and beyond that!!!
So Im blogging about it.. so you all can head over to my page and be a part of it!! All you have to do is "like" my page. And if you want to, suggest it or share my page with YOUR friends that way we can get to the giveaway sooner! :)
After you do that... maybe you can head on over to the discussion tab and give your input on what should be the giveaway item(s)! 
Just to give you an idea of my hair accessories here is a little of what you can expect to find in my Hair Accessories Album:

(This gorgeous little model is my daughter Kiah)

And here are some special items you can find in my new line called Ribbon Works, by Agape Love Designs:

And thats not all.. be sure to check out all my photo albums.. to see what I create and sell. :)
Well I really hope you all will join me over on Facebook!! And get in on the giveaway!! But if you dont want to wait... feel free to leave a comment or email me (agapelovedesigns@yahoo.com) if you want to order something!! 
With Christmas just around the corner, you will want to order soon! :)



  1. those hair accessories are adorable, they would make great gifts for Christmas.

    Hope you're having a great week.

  2. Very sweet! Thanks so much for linking up to my Commercial Break!



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