Monday, November 29, 2010

Whats In Maria's Purse

Yup we have seen these "whats in my purse" blog posts a lot around blogland... and I decided to post one myself!
What a fun way to get to know more about someone! :) 

Here is thee purse.
I fell in love with the ruffled heart!!
And the fact that it was an $80 purse that I got for $20 at ROSS!!! Gotta LOVE that store!!
 Here is a top view looking it.. this is a medium size purse, that is very wide and hold sooo much stuff!
Which is good because I carry around a lot of stuff. LOL 
(apparently I REALLY need it all.. just in case)
Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this?
 Ok so breaking it down here is what I've got in there:
~My pink wallet purse
~My small bag of everyday makeup 
(yes I said small.. I have a much larger bag filled.. ok OVERFLOWING.. with makeup.. this is just the makeup I for sure use everyday)
~ My notebook.. I always have this handy for jotting (lol jotting) down any notes, prayer requests, lists, and for doodling when Im bored!
~And there in the bottom right corner are some of my sermon notes from Church. :)

Next up we have:
~Bag of random candy! No this isnt just for me... LOL This is my bribery tactic! For keeping an impatient  child well behaved!
~ Baggie with cough drops and rolaids... JUST IN CASE! :)
~ 4 Random Lip Gloss' yeah I lurve the look of pretty glossy lips! I always need to have some handy
~ And then of course my nifty TIDE TO GO PEN!!
With 3 kids.. you never can stay clean! I would say just in case.. but this is ALWAYS gonna be the case! LOL

OK so dont make fun! LOL
You may have noticed most of my purse items are "just in case" items! LOL 
Also in my purse:
~ ADORABLE tissues!! If youre gonna have tissue.. have some with style.. just cause! :)
~Baby Nail clippers.. ok so if you have an infant/toddler..
you know how freakishly FAST their nails grow..and they are always so sharp! :( 
Ive gotten CUT too many times from baby nails.. not to keep these babys handy!
~ Hand Sanitizer!!! Am I the only one who hates the hassle of washing kids hand in a public bathroom... I just wanna get out of there!! So I keep hand sanitizer handy... not to mention I just like using it every so often. 
~ My adorable tin box of CUTESY bandages!! Bought from OLD NAVY.   
Just in case!!!
Its always more fun to use these bandages than the ugly plain ones... Ive also bought super hero bandages and put them in here too since I do have 2 boys! :)
~I always have GUM of some sort in my purse
~ Those ECLIPSE mints are LOVE them. 
(And YES when I bought them I giggled to myself thinking of the Book Eclipse from the TWILIGHT series! You KNOW you were thinking it too)
~ Then my packages of Dental Flossers!!
I get very irritated when food gets in my teeth, and Im always a LITTLE paranoid I will have food stuck in my teeth when Im talking to someone. So I keep these in my purse to use when ever we go out to eat. :)

A must have!!
I love how my hair looks down, but with 3 kids its not always convenient to KEEP my hair down! 
So I have my:
~Bobby pin case (in case I need to keep my bangs out of my face)
~ My quick go to headband (that I made) for instant added cuteness!
In case I happen to be having a bad hair day.
~Then my elastic band ring.. for quick pony tails...

You can see I probably have a problem here:
I have WAYYYY Too many pens!
But I ALWAYS seem, to need one. And I have extra JUST IN CASE someone else needs one! :)
Of course I have to have all sorts of pretty colors. 
They come in handy when I want to dooodle fun stuff!!
~Then you will see I have FOUR, yes 4 thumb drives... 
Why do I have 4? IDK... MY BFF JILL. LOL
No Honestly.. its because I like to take some work with me where ever I go...
and if I happen to be working on something at my sisters house and need to bring it home with me..
well I have a few thumb drive to do so with.. you know.. just in case.
Alrighty.. now that you see that Im a total freak.. and carry too many "just in case" items in my purse,
I hope you will still stick around... and maybe follow the crazy my blog! HEHE
Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about the woman behind the blog! :)
And if you have a "Whats in my purse" Blog post... leave a link in the comments!!
Id love to get to see whats in your purse and know all you as well!!!



  1. Ha ha! I love this sort of post and I did one a long time ago :) Here it is...

  2. OMG...hahah I thought I was bad...but I need to take tips from you...I can totally help you justify all those necessities!!! AND I dunno my BFF JILL!!!! I Love that commercial!!! hahah

    Well Love your blog...and thanks again for an UHHHMAZING Follow fest!! : )


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