Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas {Cupcake Liner} Topiary

Here is another project I did for the Dollar Tree Flair For Crafts Contest! :)

Its a simple one, but looks oh so cute! :)

Here are the supplies I used.. all completely from the Dollar Tree!

1 glass candle stick holder (that I spray painted white with some paint I had on hand)
Package of various sized styrofoam balls
Package of cupcake flags and liners
Roll of Ribbon (not pictured below.. but was purchased from Dollar tree)
1 wood dowel (had on hand)
Hot Glue gun/Glue sticks (had on hand)

 First thing I did was stuck the wooden dowel in the biggest size foam ball. 
I took it out then added hot glue and stuck it back in.. to keep it in place.

After that I folded up one cupcake liner at a time, added hot glue to the bottom, and stuck it randomly on the foam ball.

Keep doing this over and over, until its complete!

Once the ball was completely covered, I stuck the other end of the dowel into the smallest styrofoam ball in the bag. Again using hot glue to keep it nice and firm! Then stuck that end into my candle stick holder!

For the "cherry on top" I added just a little bit of red ribbon around the dowel! And that completed this adorable little topiary! 

Here it is on my wall shelves.. with the faux decor presents I made! :)

I am so loving decorating for Christmas!! :) 

Check out these parties for other great crafty ideas!! :)



  1. I LOVE this! I adore topiaries and make them with styrofoam balls and moss, but I never would have thought of this! Great idea. I'm your newest follower! :)


  2. Kelly, welcome to my blog! Thanks for following. :) This was my first time making a topiary. I always see so many cute ones that people make. Im glad I tried this idea out. I love how it looks!

  3. I absolutely love this! I have been following your blog for a while now and you are just so darn creative, I love it :) Your blog is making me want to decorate for Christmas SO badly (sadly I think I'll have to wait until finals are over, haha).

  4. Brittanyib, thank you so much! :) I appreciate your sweet comment! I hope you get a chance to decorate soon! I know I LOVE decorating for the holidays!! :) Good luck on finals!!!


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