Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Handprint Art for Children

(You can click this one to see it full size)

Every year in December I do a fun picture with the kids' hand prints (or footprints when they are babies). This is a tradition I've done every year with the kids.. ever since Kiah was 2. That was back in 2005, when I started this!  :) And it makes me so happy to see them each year and how much their little hands and feet have grown!
Here is my wall with the prints from the past! 
Oye dont you just love how they are hung with ugly tacs... I REALLY need to get some nice frames for these! But that always gets put off. :(

Anyways.. the very top one is Kiah's, done when she was 2 and an only Child. :)
the 2nd row is hers and Little Bruce's, 2006 the year he was born. :)
 Here is the bottom row, 2007 and for some reason I either missed 2008 or they got lost in the move. :( Im really bummed because Im not sure why I would miss 2008! But At least we got them done last year.. When Zander was born and added to the mix. :)

Here is a closer look at 2006. (Kiah age 3 and Bruce Jr 8 months)
Yes the pictures are terrible.. the glare from my kitchen lights on them! I took these at around 6 this morning.. so there was no natural light to help out. 
You cant see it, because the writing is gold.. but little Bruce's says "Kiss me under the Mistletoes" :)
I know.. Im so clever. HA!

Kiah's 2007 print (Age 4). So far she has gotten to the most creative ideas from me. Since she is older its a little easier for her to do them! :)

Bruce Jr.'s handprints for 2007, Age- almost 2, (20 months), the same as Kiahs very first print. :) 

And Since for some reason I seemed to have skipped 2008, here is 2009. 
I decided to do Kiah and Bruce's hand prints together to make a scene, and this time I did it on canvas.
And I just adore how it turned out!! :)

And here is Zander's very first print. :) The sane as little Bruce's first print.
Only thing I dont like about all of them... is my really terrible handwriting!
This year I need to do better! :)

Here they are all together again. You can click this picture to bring it to full size to get a better view. :)

Now I just need to work on this years hand prints! I need a new idea for them to do.. any suggestions? IM thinking I may try to do a wreath with each of their hands on one canvas again. 
Im a little behind.. usually we get this done early on in December. But this year has just been a lot more busy than usual! And time has just zoomed by... can you believe there are only 3 more days until Christmas!? IM in Awe! Well I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas this year!!


  1. These are adorable. My daughter's first grade teacher did handprint type paintings with her class all year. So fun.

  2. It's linky party time again! I hope to have you come link up and enter my $50 american Express giveaway! Happy holidays!
    -Dana, Saturday Mornings

  3. Those are so precious! My daughter is already 4 but I guess I can just start the tradition from here on out :) Thanks for the great idea! Happy Holidays.


  4. What great ideas. The things my kids have made with hand prints are treasures. This year my daughter made a ball ornament where her preschool teacher painted her hand and then she cupped the ball creating a snowman family. It's precious.


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