Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafting with My Sister Sammy

Oh the joys of sisterhood! :) I had a great time last night, hanging out, laughing and crafting with my beautiful and extremely funny sister Samantha!!

She is a lot like me and really enjoys crafts (actually all of my sisters do in one way or another). We have been planning on getting together to get crafty and such for a while now.. but something always comes up. Ive got 3 kids and she has 2! So we are usually pretty busy mommas!

So I was very happy that we FINALLY got our chance to hang and get craftastical! :)

We made adorable hair clips (Im working on a new line called Charming Bows for my Etsy Shop!), I worked on my Yarn Angel, and she made a yarn wreath of her own!

WELL, I wanted to take some photos... but my hilarious sister gave me THIS look... and I said 'you know WHAT.. Thats going on the BLOG!' Muwhahahaha

Of course I assured her, that I would perform any editorial needs to the photo to make her look better if necessary! So first thing I tried was black and white... Black and white photos are always pretty and totally Classic...

Ummm.... yeah.... I guess that didnt help much did it? 
so I did the only thing I could do that would make this picture amazingly stunningly GORGEOUS.... 


Pretty much

I took a picture of myself and cropped it over her FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sammy.. Your Welcome.

Haha But in all honesty my sister Samantha is BEAUTIFUL.... even when she makes her signature funny face. She has always done this.. make a face when the camera comes out (since she was a child). I love it and I love her for it. She has the best sense of humor. And she is pretty much my MINI ME anyways...


|  |  |  |

And now on to what REALLY matters.... the CRAFTINESS!
This is the adorable little yarn Christmas wreath she made! :)
If you want to make one too.. be sure to check out my tutorial here.
And if you want to read more about Sammy, you can check out our sister blog, and meet our other sisters too!

Have a blessed and hysterically fun day!! :)


  1. I love you girls too funny hey Maria that looks more like a wreath then a tree LOL

  2. bahah MOM so funny I had just noticed I wrote that and corrected it.. then I saw your comment, Im like dang it someone noticed! HAHA IM such a dork!!! :)

  3. This is too funny! I love it lol. We do look crazy alike don't we.

  4. yeah I'm taking the time to leave a comment.... why the heck wasn't I invited to this????? hahaha

  5. This is so great lol. Nice pic save.. I think i look good haha. It was so fun to be crafty. Im all proud of the stuff I made

  6. hahahah love it...So funny!!!! Yeah next time wait for the better sisters to join in on the fun...

  7. I'm amazed at the resemblance! And you both have the most gorgeous skin... x


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