Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glitter Bead Tree and Ball Christmas Decor

My Mantel decorated with fun things Ive made this year. (Except for the nativity set and the hope sign)
 Today Im mainly sharing with you the recent glitter bead decor balls I made. See the green and red ones in my Dollar Tree Hurricane vase. yup those ones.
For my tutorial on the ruffled tree you see there, click here.
 And that red glitter bead tree too! 
For the Merry Christmas Printable click here.
for the yarn angel tutorial click here.

 You dont need much of a tutorial.. but im doing one anyways. :)
Foam cone (not pictured)
Foam Balls of various sizes
Glue of some sort.. I used my glue gun
Several party bead necklaces (it took 3 just to cover one ball)
Mod Podge
I got all my supplies at the dollar tree believe it or not! :) I Love that store!
 Cut your necklaces in half.
 Start gluing the bead neclace in a spiral pattern...
 Keep gluing and going around and around until you have completely cover your ball.

 Make more..I ended up only making 3 balls because I ran out of beaded necklaces!
 I used mod podge and a paint brush you cover the balls in glue so I could glitter them up!
 add glitter... then let them dry!
 Add to decorative bowl or vase!
 Now I did the same thing with a foam cone! Its hard to tell in the picture that its beaded.. it looks a lot better in person! Plus I was being too lazy to try to get a better shot, my apologies. :) hehe

Well Christmas is 10 days away! I cant believe how fast it has come! Are you all ready?? :)
I still have some wrapping to do! So Im off, so have a very blessed day!! 



  1. I adore your decorations! You have such a great eye for this stuff!

  2. i'm following from wandering wednesday!! i hope you can visit my blog and follow back :)


  3. Thank you for the idea. I am going to use it as a Christmas Tree ornament for my daughters Paris themed tree.

  4. How did you create the ribbon tree? It is super cute.

    1. Chelsea, thank you so much! There is a link to it in the post! But for your convenience, you can find the tutorial here:



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