Monday, December 6, 2010

Ruffled Ribbon Christmas Tree {Tutorial}

Hello all! Im soo excited, because today when I logged onto my blogger dashboard I saw that I had  
Im so very excited! 
Thank you all who have recently found and followed my blog, and thanks to all those who were with me from the start. :) Haha I feel a little silly getting so excited.. I mean its not like Ive got 1000 followers or anything, but that doesnt matter! 100 is still a big number, and I am very excited to have 100 people think Im interesting enough to follow! So Thank you all for making me feel so SPECIAL!!  
Well it seems I have gotten a lot more followers since December rolled around. Everyone seems to like my Christmas crafts. And thats a really good thing because I have one more for you today.. and a few more projects coming!!
I made this adorable little ruffled ribbon Christmas tree a few nights ago, I think it just turned out soooo cute! So Im sharing the tutorial with you! :)
-Spool of Ribbon!
(This was a 5 yard spool... and I used ALL of it!)
- Foam Cone
-Sewing pins 
(you can also use a hot glue gun.. but I was out of glue sticks! lol So the pins worked perfectly and I think I actually prefer them because I was able to un-pin the ribbon if I wanted to adjust anything)
-Needle & Thread

 To start off you will thread your needle. You will want a long line of thread.
Start by weaving the needle in and out of the top of your ribbon, as shown in the picture below. 
(do not cut the ribbon from spool)

Once you weave it through as much as you can, pull the needle all the way through. Then pull the thread tight and you will see it will bunch up your ribbon, and make it ruffled! 

Keep doing this over and over, until you have a long amount of ribbon ruffled.

Then you can start to wrap it around your cone. Use one sewing pin and stick it through the end of the ribbon into the cone. Starting from the BOTTOM up! :) Keep adding sewing pins every so often to secure it in place as you go around the cone.

You can see I did this a little at a time. Making the ruffled ribbon, then wrapping it around the cone, then going back to ruffling the ribbon. I did this because I wasnt for sure how much ribbon it would take. 
So I ruffled, then wrapped, then ruffled, then wrapped.. you get the idea. LOL
I ended up using ALL of the 5 yards of ribbon. But I could have easily used more than that, if I wanted the make the ruffles tighter.

Here it is half way to the top! At one point my thread ran out. So all I did was tie it in a knot, then cut the ribbon! Sealed it with lighter to prevent fraying. Secured it to the cone with a pin. And then started fresh with the ribbon again, after I re-threaded my needle.

Here it is all complete. When it was done, it seemed like something was missing. It needed a topper! I wanted to do something more creative.. but all I could come up with was....

A BOW! lol I figured its a ribbon tree... I could make a cute ribbon bow to put on top. So I just grabbed a small scrap piece of ribbon I had and made a pretty little bow.

Placed it on top of the tree and secured it with a pin... you can see below.

And thats it.. Simple and sooo adorable!! :)

Its up on my mantel right now.. looking all lonely... but it will have friends soon enough! LOL Ive got more to show you in the next few days. :)
Until then you can also check out my other holiday decor ideas & tutorials:

If you decide to make any of these I would soooo LOVE to see your take on them! So please post and come back and leave me a link! I could see these ruffled trees being made with pink ribbon.. how cute and girly would that be?? :) So let me see your version!


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  1. Now this, is cool. I have a daughter who has been wanting to do some crafts and decorating this weekend, and I have a box of ribbon I bought at a yard sale for 5$ - perfect. Thank you for posting the tutorial. Nice job! You are very creative.

  2. Love this! Adorable idea! I am definitely making one. I also think that you could use a white feather boa to make a feather tree! ...and these look really cute sitting on little garden urns or pots.

  3. Charming idea producing lovely gifts! Congratulations.

  4. This is REALLY Sweet! You did it the easier way than I did! I try to make some things more difficult than they need to be... Anyways, I am going to link to this project this week and wanted to let you know! And also invite you to participate in my weekly Making It with Allie Link Party that goes Thursday through Sunday of every week!
    Your Newest Follower,

  5. Your tree turned out great!! I love the fullness of it! :)

  6. Allie thank for letting me know and thanks for linking to me! Ill head over there to check out your blog! :)

    Erin thanks so much youre so sweet!


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