Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things You Should Know if We are Gonna be BFF

Inspired by (And linking up to) Little Miss Momma's Post 

First and foremost, I am a Christian. I love God, I believe he sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to save me (and all the world) from sin! He has blessed me with so much. So I aspire to glorify God in all that I do.

When I was younger I always said I would never have kids, and didnt think I would ever even get married. I was the first of my sisters to do both.

I may or may not be somewhat indecisive.

I have a crazy sneeze that consists of (AT LEAST) 5 or more.. usually MORE little squeak sneezes.
Ive always done this
nope Im not holding back. 
And yes it makes people look at me like I'm Crazy then burst into uncontrollable laughter. 
  If I ever do sneeze just once, it hurts really BAD!
Because of the force being put into the one big sneeze. :(

When I was in 8th grade I made up a "kind" for myself... 
I called myself a barefoot-ian
because I LVE being barefoot. 
Im barefoot for the majority of the time. 
Otherwise Im wearing flip flops... yes even in the Winter.
Except for on special occasions; like when Im at Church and Im wearing heals.
However I will take them off as soon as Im sitting and even when I walk around the greet people, the only time they really go back on is when I go up to sing on the worship team, or am going outside. :) 

I, like Little Miss Momma, can not watch LOW DEF television anymore..
or anything with a screen smaller than a 50in. 
Yeah.. blame the hubs who has to have ginormous Tv's everywhere!
Now if ever we go somewhere with a smaller  normal sized tv I have to squint and wait for my eye to re-adjust! 
 This is a crazy old photo of little Bruce when he was 2! When the hubs purchased his first big screen...and then little Bruce threw his sippy cup at it 2 months later and broke the screen! Since then he has gone bigger. Oye!

I always get crazy thirsty when Im shopping...
if Im grocery shopping I will grab a bottled water and drink as I shop.
If Im heading out clothes shopping or pretty much anywhere,
I always take a cup of ice water with me.
My van has several of my cups still in it. LOL 
And im always wondering why I cant find any in the house!

I cant not stand (and will gag and even vomit sometimes if I taste:) Mayonaise, Ranch, and Onions!

 But I never paint my FINGER nails.. because they chip too fast, and always look terrible really fast.
Being a busy mom of 3, prevents me from having the time to do my nails as often as I would like... so I just keep to painting my toenails instead, unless its a special occasion.

Compliments make me insecure... yet I always want to receive them!

I didnt get my license until I was until I was 22
Thats after I had my 2nd child and while the Hubs was deployed to Iraq!

Speaking of license's... after we moved from Washington to Cali, it took me a year to get my CA drivers license! Yeah I JUST got it like last month. Boy do I procrastinate or WHAT!
hehe yay Coco has his Cali License too! wOoT

The hubs and I have been best friends since Sophomore year of High School. We have been married for 6 years now and just had our anniversary, Thursday the 16th. :)

When I met him, I was already in a relationship and only ever thought of him as a friend. Then one day BAM it hit me while looking over him in class.
(We always sat next to each other since our last names both started with G.. its how we met.. thanks assigned seating!)
I looked over at him and then realized WOW.. this guy is HOT.. I mean like gorgeous, he could be a model! Im not joking.. those were my exact thought... I remember the day exactly. LOL and my next thoughts were.. why hadnt I noticed how cute he was before? LOL Im a weird one.

I dont have any tattoos.. but I kinda want one.

I have never broken a bone in my body... and I dont want to!

Im a constant corrector! I cant help it and sometimes its rude and annoys people. Like when the hubs is singing the wrong lyrics... it bugs me so much I just have to tell him the right ones... and he gets upset saying he doesnt care he just sings for the fun of it. LOL 

I have a bad habit of mimicking people. If you laugh funny, say a word weird, or make any kind of odd noise.. I will mimick you. IDK why, I just have to repeat it! LOL

 When I was a little girl I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up.. before I even knew what it was to be a lawyer. LOL All I knew was that they made a lot of money...so thats what I wanted to be. HAHA When I got a little older and found out what a Lawyer did I still wanted to be one. And my fav show was Ally Mcbeal.  You can ask any one of my sisters and they know I can still argue my way out of or into any situation. Its not always good.
Its just "the lawyer in me".

Well well well.. Its late... and I could probably go on for DAYS..
I kinda have a bad habit of talking too much and rambling also...
So Im gonna stop now before I bore you to sleep... which is what I need to be doing!
So good night.. and hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me.
Ready to be BFF now?? :)
Have a blessed day!!!

Dont forget to heave <--- bahaha IM so tired I wrote heave! ok so seriously now.. HEAD on over to Ashley's Blog and LINK up your post!!

Its 2:37 AM and im going to SLEEP!

Now that Im awake I thought of more random facts and posted them on my other blog! :)
If youre interested.. head on over there and read my new post!


  1. Oooo, I am loving your list girlYou have a beautiful family! And wow, you have mad toe painting skills!

    and shopping ALWAYS makes me super thirsty too! It's like a work out, LOL!

  2. u b kewl- iz b ur bff! hahahahahaha love ya re!

  3. Great list! You have a precious family!

  4. I have to have water everywhere I go tooAnd I am almost always in my flip flops regardless of the rain or cold.

  5. Thanks so much for the comment! I LOVE your blog! And happy anniversary as well, winter weddings rock! Totally stalking, er, following you now! :)

  6. Camilla, YES I love new stalker...followers! hehe :) And I loved your blog too!

  7. Your writing is fun to read! Love this!


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