Friday, December 3, 2010

Wrapped Presents Christmas Decor {Tutorial}

Christmas time is here, dont you just love all the cheer!! :)
ok.. sorry for the lame rhyme *hehe*
Im just excited, because I LOVE this time of year! 
Who doesnt right!?
Its so fun to decorate, and really get my creative juices flowing! Anyways.. Im blogging today to share a way easy tutorial on making  faux presents for Christmas decor.

This is just one part of my Christmas projects for the FLAIR FOR CRAFTS CONTEST, held by Dollar Tree!!
If you know me.. and my blog you KNOW I looove me some dollar tree shopping and crafts! LOL So I was excited to find out they do craft contest!! How cool is that! And the prizes are amazing.. so I hope I win! :)

I will be posting the other projects I have done for the contest in the next few days. :) SO Stay tunned! *hehe*

Well Anywho.. here is what we are working on today:
These are the materials used:
 4 Styrofoam blocks
2 rolls of wrapping paper
2 rolls of ribbon
Total cost from the dollar tree was $8
(Not pictured, what I had on hand)
Glue Gun/glue sticks

So to start, take the plastic of your block, and then wrap it like you would any normal present!
This will be way easier though, because you have a perfect square to work with! LOL

After you are done wrapping.. get your ribbon ready! Tape down one end to the top of your "present".
I decided to use the folded ends for the top and bottom so that no matter how you turn it you dont see any lines around the "present".

 With out cutting your ribbon.. bring it all the way around your present, back to the top, and tape it down in place.

 Fold your ribbon as shown in the picture below, and then add another piece of tape.

 Again bring the ribbon all the way around the present back to the top. Add another piece of tape. Then cut the ribbon.

 Use the ribbon to make a pretty little bow, then I used hot glue to secure it in place on top of the present! :)

After that wrap a second block, with the same.. or if you prefer a different wrapping paper. 
You can add ribbon to the second present if you prefer.. but I decided to do without.

 I added a little blob of hot glue to the top of the second wrapped present...

The positions the first present on top! And there you have it! Cute right?? I LOVE how they turned out!

Here is the second one I made out of the remaining 2 blocks:

Here they are looking all cute on my shelves! :)
 You can click this one below for a full view

Im trying out different spots for them... This one looks good here too. :)


Linking up! :) Check out the parties!! :)

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  1. Hey I saw your post and thought you may like to see this clip from a local show here in Utah. These are the prettiest packages ever and I though if anyone could recreate these it would be you! here is the link.


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