Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yarn Angel {Tutorial}

Ive seen a lot of people create those adorable yarn Christmas trees. And I wanted to make some too, since I still had some pretty yarn left over from my Poufy Yarn Christmas Wreaths. SO I headed over to Dollar Tree to buy some foam cones!
After I got home I started working on my yarn tree... and I glanced over some of my other supplies near by. I still had some foam balls out from when I was working on the cupcake liner topiary, and another project I will share with you soon. When it hit me! I could make a yarn Angel!!! Idk how my brain works and puts two and two together like that... but its always nice when it does! :) Because I just ADORE how my little Angel turned out!! :)
Even though I wasnt for certain how it was going to work out or even look, I knew I was going to take pictures and share a tutorial if it turned out good. :) And lucky for me.. and YOU it turned out beautifully! (If I do say so myself! *hehe*)

-1 Foam cone
-1 foam ball
- 1 yellow Pipe cleaner
- Scrap of Card stock paper
 - Yarn
-Glue of some sort.. I used my hot glue gun

 I first glued the foam ball to the top of the foam cone.
Let it sit and dry for a while.

Then start wrapping it with the yarn. I didnt take a picture of the top (sorry), so I hope this makes sense.
What I did was added a large drop of glue to the top center of the ball. Stuck the yarn down and started spiraling it around itself... you keep going and going around and around.

Until you have completely covered the foam!

I sketched out some wings on sturdy cardstock paper. I used a blue marker, becaused I wanted a little bit of color to show through, so you could see more of the detail of the yarn.
So drak out your wings, make sure so see how they will look against your angel, and when you got them how you like them cut them out!

 Now that they are cut out "draw" a line of glue to the outer edge of the wings. The add the yarn along the line. And keep going from there.

When you have your wings completely outlined... keep going and out line it again and again going outward, in.

 After a certain point you can really go over the middle anymore.. so I just did one side of the wing, until it was completely covered. I cut the yarn once I got to the middle. Then moved on to the other wing, starting from the part where each wing meets.

 Go around and around until you get to the center and its completely covered, and cut the yarn.

For extra sturdiness,  I wrapped a little extra yarn completely around the center part where the wings meet... then I added glue and stuck it to the back of my Angel. Lay flat as shown in the picture below, and let dry for a while.

While you are waiting for the wings to dry, you can make the halo. Take a pipe cleaner, and find something round in a size you want to halo to be. I used the lid from my spray adhesive can. Wrap the end of the pipe cleaner around it.

And twist the end around the opposite side of the pipe cleaner:

Slide the pipe cleaner off and you have a perfect circle for your halo.

Bend the "tail" of the halo down, and cut extra off, then glue to the back of the head of your angel. And that completes your Angel! :) My daughter suggests adding eyes and hair. LOL But i was just looking for a simplistic angel. You can embellish her as you please, but she is also perfect just like this. :)

Here she is up on my mantel! This may not be a permanent place for her.. or any of these decorations yet... Im still working on more projects.. So Im sure these things will get moved around once its all done! :) 
If youre interested you can also find post for some of the other things pictured below:
Im so bummed.. my printer was running out of the red looks kinda weird.. but oh well you dont really notice it until you look close up! LOL

 Im so happy with her! She is just so cute!  What do you think??

Well I hope you are having a Fabulous Thursday, and that you enjoyed this tutorial!! 
I will be linking up here.



  1. Thanks for the tute; I'll probably adapt it by using a paper-constructed-by-me cone and a cheapo Christmas ball ornament.

  2. Such a beautiful angel =) Perfect for the Christmas season! Visiting from Tatertots and Jello.

  3. I absolutely LOVE her!!!! I want to try one with jute now!! :)

  4. Erin, what a great idea!!!! :) If you do make one with jute please post and send me a link!! :) Id love to see it! :)


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