Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Is What Love Looks Like Printable Quick OFFER!!

I have created this adorable printable, to add to my decor for Vday, but Im so Happy with it, I just may leave it up all year around! :)

It is available in my etsy shop {here}
if you would like to buy your own custom This is What Love Looks Like Printable.

Maybe you would like to receive this printable for FREE!!??
Well you're in luck!

  But first...

Check out some of the cute variations... I have already made.
You can use:
a family picture, couple picture, maternity photo, parent and child photo...
What ever you picture love to "look like"!

(click images to see them in a bigger size)

Alrighty... now down to the offer..

The first 5 people to do the following
will receive this printable from me for free!

Leave me ONE comment with ALL of the following info:

~It is required that you are a follower of Agape Love Designs Blog
Just let me know youre a follower :)
~Visit my {shop} and tell me what you favorite item is?
(besides this printable!)
~Leave your email address!

And that is it!

The first 5 people to leave me a comment with all the correct info will win this printable!

And if you happened to miss this offer.. you can still purchase the
in my shop!

Alright.. what are you waiting for.. go Go GO!!!! :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Guest Posting Fab Friday at Vintage Wanna Bee!

As you can tell from the title of this post Im guest posting over at Vintage wanna be!!! :) Its Fab Friday and I have an absolutely FABULOUS tutorial to share with you all... so be sure head over {there} and check it out!!!! :)

Would you like a hint as to what the tutorial is for?? 
Its something I am wearing in this picture below! :)

Told ya it was fabulous!!! :)

Now what are you waiting for!?
Go to VWB right now 

and check out my tutorial! :)
Love ya!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentines Day Accessories in the Shop!

Valentines Day is coming up, and Im prepared in my Shop! :)
Ive got a few new hair accessories just waiting for you
to take home and adore! :)
Wear them for V-day and every day after that! 

First one up is really unique, I havent seen anything like this.
But I got the idea when creating my daughter's Sequin butterfly clip.
And knew I had to create this fun headband!
I Love it and Ive already gotten sooo many compliments on it!

Next up, you've seen this one before! :)
It needs a home! 

This is another new one! :)

And  here is the red version! :) Im so loving these!

What do you think?? :)
Maybe head on over to 
and see what else Ive got to suit your fancy! :)

Have an amazing Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheapest & Fastest Valentines Day Decor

This is seriously one of the cheapest and cutest as well as easiest Valentine decor ideas.
I sent $3.00 total.
$2 for the 2 packages of heart picks found at the dollar tree!
Then in the dollar section of Target I found these adorable ceramic vases!
There were different versions too, like I ♥ U and I love you one word on each vase.
But I got the Live Laugh Love ones, because I figured that they could be 
through out the year!

Just find a cute spot for them and add your heart picks! 

I just love how they look.. so simple, cheap and easy... gotta love that!
And they really add such a sweet touch!

I think Im gonna have to go back to Target and get more of these little vases, 
they just make me smile!! 
What do you think?

Love the glittery hearts ♥♥

Ive had so many Valentine decor ideas swimming around in my head.. 
unfortunately these are all Ive put into action. But Im still happy with them. :)

Hope your week is going well!!

Blog Help, PLEASE!

Ive mentioned int before that I started a new blog Mommy Made well, Im finally starting to post on it. And I decided to follow that blog yesterday... yes a follower of my own blog! LOL Because its not my main blog (Agape Love is) So I wanted to be able to see Mommy Made in my dashboard, and see how the post show up and such.
Well after I finished my newest post. I went to my dashboard to check for it... and NOTHING! I couldnt find my post! What the freak?
So I scroll down to find Mommy Made in the list of blogs Im following, I find it and click on it expecting it to show all the posts Ive done... and none of them showed up! Instead this is what came up:
You have followed this URL, but we couldn't find a feed for it. Please check that the URL is correct:
Well when I click on link it goes right to my blog. The blog is fine, the link is fine.
I tried to search for answers through google.. but couldnt understand anything that I found. One said something about the header code maybe blocking the feed.. it suggested I make sure it had a specific code in the html.. well I did that and the correct code was there. Then one site said something about checking that the feed is live or what not, or making sure my blog wasnt on private, and to check my settings and I did all those things. The feed is correct and live... my blog isnt private. 
So now I am just at a loss as to what is wrong. And its been bothering me, because chances are if its not showing up in my dashboard feed of blogs im following, then its prolly not showing up in anyone else's that follow me! :( And thats no good for a blog! Especially a brand new baby blog, that wants to get out there! LOL So since I cant figure it out on my own, Im hoping some one else might have experience or advice with this! Idk what else I can do! I'd love any help or info I can get to try and fix this problem, if you know anything or anyone who could help! 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and help if you can. :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fabric Photo Album Giveaway!!

Hello all, hope youre having a wonderful week end! I just wanted to make a quick post to let you know
Im sponsoring a giveaway over at Wildflowers & Whimsy! (dont you just LOVE that name!)
Im giving away this adorable fabric photo album!

Be sure to head over {there} for your chance to win this adorable photo album, handmade by me! :)
And she also hosts a linky party.. so you can link up your newest projects as well! 
Gotta love a linky party! SO go check it out! :) 

What are you waiting for! :)

Ready.. Set.. Go!! :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Rhinestone and Sequin Butterfly Hair Clip Tutorial

Tonight is the father daughter dance. Kiah was soo very excited, she always LOVES going to these and getting dressed up! She gets to go on a date with daddy, he takes her to dinner before the dance and everything.  I always do her hair and we find a pretty dress, and I "do her makeup". She feels like a princess.. and she looks like one too! 
Well of course I just had to make her a special hair clip to match her dress!
it was inspired by this post, (that I saw on be different act normal) to use the sequin string.
And Im going to share with you the tutorial.

sequin string
rhinestone string
multi tool
Hot glue gun
alligator clip or headband
I traced my shape onto cardstock paper, to use as a template. 
Only because I didnt want to get pen onto the felt.
But you can also draw right on the felt.

Cut out your felt shape.

 Use your glue gun to trace around the edge of your shape, and add the sequins as you go.

pretty much just keep going around and around...
until its all filled in.

I used the multi tool to cut the rhinestone strings to the length I needed.

 Used the hot glue gun again to glue the rhinestones.
Originally I was going to leave it like this, but felt something was missing.

 So I added one more line of rhinestones. 

Now you just add your alligator clip!

Here She is all ready for the dance! :)

My beautiful daughter Kiah. :)

haha they HAD to do the Zoolander Face!

Practicing their amazing dance moves!

Father Daughter Dance 2011. :) Arent they just precious! 

I am excited for the day when my little boys are finally in school, and I can enjoy a date night with my little men! :) I think this is such a fun and good thing. I dont remember having these kinda dances when I was a kid! What about you?
Do you have little girls who love father daughter dances? :)

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

New Winner Chosen!

So the last winner of the blingy heart hair clip did not claim her prize! And there was no email to message her! So I have picked a new winner! :)

Please email me with your address ASAP so I can send out your new hair clip! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Im over at A Little Lovely Today!

Hello all! :) Im guest posting over at A Little Lovely Today for tutorial tuesday! So be sure to check it out!!

What are you waiting for? Go {there} right away! :)

and as always 
have a blessed day!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blingy Heart WINNER

Sorry it took so long to post the winner, Sunday is a pretty busy day for me. Anywho... The lucky winner of the Blingy Heart hair clip is....

Commenter number 17 happens to be:

Congratulations Jennifer, thanks for hearting me on etsy btw, you have won this hair clip! 
Email me ( your mailing address and I will send your clip out tomorrow! :)

For those of you who didnt win, or missed the giveaway... you can buy one for yourself in my shop
{here} for one without black scalloped edge and {here} for a heart with the black scalloped edge!
or check out the tutorial and make one for yourself!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Did You Know?

This has been a SUPER busy week for me!!
So much has been going on!
I recently switched my comments to be sent to my email, and I have been super busy 
replying and sending out printables!
Its been wonderful to be able to reply to you all!
Im slowing adding more and more items to my Etsy shop,
soon I will be selling Jewelry!
I had 2 photo shoots last week, which I need to work on editing!
On top of taking care of 3 kids, cooking and cleaning, church and worship practice,
Im really working hard to make my blog and all internet interactions better!

Did you know...

That there is an exclusive, for fans only, giveaway going on, on my FB Page?!

Did you know..

I am going to be guest blogging over at A Little Lovely on
JAN 18th!! 
I'll give you a hint, its a tutorial that has to do with something in {this} post! 
So make sure you follow her beautiful blog!

Speaking of guest posting, Ive been playing tag with
the AMAZING Nichelle 
through email. And we are making plans for me to post one Friday soon, for her Fab Friday!!
As well as sponsor a giveaway.. but that wont be until late March... she has so many lined up!
If youre not a follower of hers already, where have you been? lol
Head over there and follow the awesomeness!

Since we're talking giveaways

Did you know...

Im holding a giveaways on my blog here... and it ends tomorrow night!!
So go check it out for your chance to win

Did you know...

Ive got 3 Valentine's Day/Love Themed Printables
to share with you??
For the full Printable of the above sneak peek
check out
Also check out

Did you know..

is holding a year long blanket drive called Gabe's Gift?
You can read the full story {here}
I was really inspired, since I could totally relate to her story. 
I left my long sob story in her comments.
I wanted to help..
But I dont know how to make blankets
so she asked if I would design the tags for the blankets!
And I glady said yes!
If you know how to make blankets and would like to help or donate, head on over 
to her blog for details. She is going to be featuring different bloggers tutorials and blankets!

And lastly..

Did you know...

I have finally officially started my Mommy Made blog!!!

Ive only got one post on there so far.
And the blog still needs a lot of work.
BUT Ive got the banner made and it is looking nice so far.
Really Im just glad to have it officially started!
So head on over and check it out, maybe follow along,
if youre interested in another crafty/mommy blog! :)

Alrighty, well Im off! I hope you all have an awesome Friday and a very blessed weekend!!

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