Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog Help, PLEASE!

Ive mentioned int before that I started a new blog Mommy Made well, Im finally starting to post on it. And I decided to follow that blog yesterday... yes a follower of my own blog! LOL Because its not my main blog (Agape Love is) So I wanted to be able to see Mommy Made in my dashboard, and see how the post show up and such.
Well after I finished my newest post. I went to my dashboard to check for it... and NOTHING! I couldnt find my post! What the freak?
So I scroll down to find Mommy Made in the list of blogs Im following, I find it and click on it expecting it to show all the posts Ive done... and none of them showed up! Instead this is what came up:
You have followed this URL, but we couldn't find a feed for it. Please check that the URL is correct:
Well when I click on link it goes right to my blog. The blog is fine, the link is fine.
I tried to search for answers through google.. but couldnt understand anything that I found. One said something about the header code maybe blocking the feed.. it suggested I make sure it had a specific code in the html.. well I did that and the correct code was there. Then one site said something about checking that the feed is live or what not, or making sure my blog wasnt on private, and to check my settings and I did all those things. The feed is correct and live... my blog isnt private. 
So now I am just at a loss as to what is wrong. And its been bothering me, because chances are if its not showing up in my dashboard feed of blogs im following, then its prolly not showing up in anyone else's that follow me! :( And thats no good for a blog! Especially a brand new baby blog, that wants to get out there! LOL So since I cant figure it out on my own, Im hoping some one else might have experience or advice with this! Idk what else I can do! I'd love any help or info I can get to try and fix this problem, if you know anything or anyone who could help! 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and help if you can. :)



  1. I follow you already through mommy made and I see your feeds ??? Not sure why you can't?

  2. I am following your new blog also, left a comment, however it said "Will show up after approval" don't know if that helps?


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