Friday, January 14, 2011

Did You Know?

This has been a SUPER busy week for me!!
So much has been going on!
I recently switched my comments to be sent to my email, and I have been super busy 
replying and sending out printables!
Its been wonderful to be able to reply to you all!
Im slowing adding more and more items to my Etsy shop,
soon I will be selling Jewelry!
I had 2 photo shoots last week, which I need to work on editing!
On top of taking care of 3 kids, cooking and cleaning, church and worship practice,
Im really working hard to make my blog and all internet interactions better!

Did you know...

That there is an exclusive, for fans only, giveaway going on, on my FB Page?!

Did you know..

I am going to be guest blogging over at A Little Lovely on
JAN 18th!! 
I'll give you a hint, its a tutorial that has to do with something in {this} post! 
So make sure you follow her beautiful blog!

Speaking of guest posting, Ive been playing tag with
the AMAZING Nichelle 
through email. And we are making plans for me to post one Friday soon, for her Fab Friday!!
As well as sponsor a giveaway.. but that wont be until late March... she has so many lined up!
If youre not a follower of hers already, where have you been? lol
Head over there and follow the awesomeness!

Since we're talking giveaways

Did you know...

Im holding a giveaways on my blog here... and it ends tomorrow night!!
So go check it out for your chance to win

Did you know...

Ive got 3 Valentine's Day/Love Themed Printables
to share with you??
For the full Printable of the above sneak peek
check out
Also check out

Did you know..

is holding a year long blanket drive called Gabe's Gift?
You can read the full story {here}
I was really inspired, since I could totally relate to her story. 
I left my long sob story in her comments.
I wanted to help..
But I dont know how to make blankets
so she asked if I would design the tags for the blankets!
And I glady said yes!
If you know how to make blankets and would like to help or donate, head on over 
to her blog for details. She is going to be featuring different bloggers tutorials and blankets!

And lastly..

Did you know...

I have finally officially started my Mommy Made blog!!!

Ive only got one post on there so far.
And the blog still needs a lot of work.
BUT Ive got the banner made and it is looking nice so far.
Really Im just glad to have it officially started!
So head on over and check it out, maybe follow along,
if youre interested in another crafty/mommy blog! :)

Alrighty, well Im off! I hope you all have an awesome Friday and a very blessed weekend!!

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  1. I really like your ideas for beautiful hair ornaments. also happy to see your new blog:)


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