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New Years Resolution(s) Linky Party!


First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) I cant believe it is 2011 already!! Well New Year Resolutions seem to be the major topic at the beginning of each year, but I have actually never really made any! Yup.. never! SO I decided that I would for the first time ever, make some! I really do have some goals I want to reach and what better way than to make them my new years resolutions!? Hopefully they wont be easily broken as people often joke! :) I also thought it would be fun to read about YOUR resolutions, so Im also going to be hosting a linky party for the whole month of January, for you to link up your new years resolution posts! So after you read mine, be sure to link up your posts at the bottom! :)

OK well on with my Resolutions List!

#1 Work on all of my blog, improve and organize them!

A.) Agape Love Designs: This is my main blog, and more of my "business" blog.. You will find my photography work, my etsy shop, my digital designs, lots of crafts and tutorials!
This blog is my complete creative outlet! And Im always trying to improve it.
B.) The 4 Way Stop:
This blog is one that I share with my 3 other sisters!
This blog was started so that we could share our lives and lessons. I wanted a blog where I could write more. I do love to write, and make people think, and make myself think. To learn from my lessons and learn from others! I love to write about lessons learned and growing in my faith and relationship with God. As well as being a wife and mommy. Thing is, I have more fun being creative with my hands and doing crafts so Agape Love has gotten a lot more attention. SO I resolve to write more and update this blog more often!
C.) Mommy Made: This one I created a few months ago, but have yet to post ANYTHING! This blog I created to be my mommy blog. Another writing blog, but also with some craftiness more aimed towards kids and family. The inspiration for this blog is because a few years ago I bought journals for each of my kids. I wanted to write to them and give them the journals when they were older. Maybe when they graduate high school or college. But I slowly stopped taking time to write in them. :( IM terrible I know! I find it easier to write in my blog. So I wanted to start Mommy made as a similar journal to my kids. I plan to really launch that blog and eventually create a book out of it for each of my kids!
I have also been very inspired by the "Dear Baby W" posts by Little Miss Momma. Those are exactly the kind of things I wrote in their journals, that I now plan to have on this blog.

#2 List 100 things in my Etsy Shop!
Right not I only have 8 things listed, but I have plans for it. I love creating beautiful hair accessories to sell, and I have many to list. But Im also working on jewelry and handmade handbags, as well as a couple fun things for the children! :) So be sure to check out my shop Agape Love Boutique, and ♥ it! :) I would be so grateful!

#3 Organize my Craft Room/ Studio
Right now my craft room is a disaster! Its so unorganized! It also doubles as my photo studio! And Ive got so much in there, Its insane! I still keep it clean, its just very unorganized and there are lots of bags and boxes. So I would like to get it into better shape and looking more professional!

#4 Work on my Drawings and Paintings!

I always have so many ideas to create, draw and paint. But I dont make time to do it. I used to draw and sketch all the time. I havent done it in a long time. I really miss it. And Ive got a really great idea in mind... if I can just get it done! Im gonna keep that part secret for now until its all worked out.. then I will reveal!

#5 Learn how to Sew
Ok so I know how to sew pretty well..but HAND! But I have NO clue how to use a sewing machine! Ive got plans to meet with my mom who sews wonderfully, and used to even make out clothes when we were younger! There was this one dress I loved and had to wear ALL the time, that she made me. :) I know there are so many more projects I could do myself if only I could use a sewing machine! 
These next few things are a little more on the personal side....

#6 Be More Patient
I have been finding myself losing my patience a lot more often lately! And mostly at my kids.. then I turn into this evil mommy monster! Ugh and then I end up feeling so terrible, regretting the way I acted. I am supposed to be an example! And Im not always a good one. :( So Im going to try to be more aware of this and be more patient and a better example for my children. So that they know and learn how to react to certain situations and not lose their patience! 

#7 Think Before speaking 
Oye.. this one may go hand in hand with #6... I need to be more patient when I talk too. Ill tell you a little secret... thats not so secret to those who know me personally! I am brutally honest, and very opinionated. I dont often hesitate to say whats on my mind and tell people how to do things and what they are doing wrong. UGH. yeah Im so mean sometimes.. even when I dont mean to be, things just spew out of my mouth and even as I say them Im thinking, stop maria!, but I just cant.. Ive already started and it just keeps coming. I end up saying things that are hurtful, even if my intentions where to "help". :( So I am really working on stopping to think for a time before I open my mouth and just say the first thoughts that pop into my head! I want to love on people more... not hurt them!

#8 Spend more time in God's Word, the Bible
This one is pretty important! I dont spend nearly enough time reading the bible and praying as I should. I know when I do, everything seems right and better. And the week were I didnt seem to "fit it in" always seems to be just "off". Those are the weeks when I am the "mommy monster", Where I stick my foot in my mouth more often than not, when I am totally off my game.. and NOT the Maria I want to be. I know that is why. Its because I am in my own little world where everything is about ME. Instead of remembering my purpose and my calling, and the plans that God has for me. I know I am a better person when I am in constant contact with my Lord and Savior.

#9 Lose Control

What?!? Yes you heard right.. Lose control.. or at least let go of it! LOL I am the type of person who has to be in control. The one who has to "do it myself or if wont get done right". You know that person... the one who needs help but wont let anybody for fear things wont be how I like them, who plans and makes lists and gets extremely irritated when things don't go according to plan or schedule! Who freaks out when at the littlest thing thats not in my control! :( Ugh makes me sad just writing it.. knowing thats how I am. This control thing has scared friends and family away... and I need to stop it! Remember to let go and let God.. as they say. LOL Its not about ME.. and these little things are not as important as the people that are around me. Its funny how I know all this.. yet I continue to be how I am. :( Am I the only one who does this? Well I am a new woman, its 2011 and I will LOSE control this year!

#10 Lose Weight

Cliche? Yes! A necessity? YES! Ok so I know this seems to go on most peoples list.. but I really do need to lose weight. I have blamed my pregnancies for TOO long! Zan will be 2 years old in March, and I cant cling to "its pregnancy fat" ANY longer! LOL Its time to shape up and get back to a weight that is not embarrassing to admit to!

Well thats my list! I hope I didnt scare anyone off with some of the personal things I wrote. :) Now go make your New Years Resolutions posts and link up! :) I look forward to reading yours!
Much Love & Hugs, ~Maria-Isabel

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