Friday, February 11, 2011

Am I A Skinny Jeans Kinda Momma??

I'm not for sure if I am or not.. I'll let you be the judge!
But don't judge too harshly!!

Fist let me tell you.. 
I have never really been sold on the whole skinny jeans hype!
I mean for skinny people, uh sure.. they can get away with
fashion murder pretty much!
But for us woman with a little extra umph in their curves...
Woman like me... can we.. can I pull them off??
I just wast sure!

Im still not completely sure!
I went shopping with my sisters not too long ago..
ok who am I kidding this was actually a few months ago!
I tried these skinny jeans on. I thought they were super cute/hot! 
But were they cute hot on me?
My sisters all said yes of course.. that I should get them.
But they are my loving wonderful sisters!
They always compliment me. 
We love each other, and we all think each other is gorgeous.
Its kind of a biased opinion! LOL

 I DID end up buying them.
They were super comfortable after all...
surprisingly.. considering they look like they would feel like
a watermelon fitting into grape skin! 

Only thing is now... can I rock them??
I have still NOT worn them.. I've been too chicken!
How sad right?

So You tell me

(The Store Im in is called Debb, its also wear I bought the Jacket, The shirt was a gift from my sister & I cant remember the brand!)

The shirt and Jacket were already mine.. 
I was trying on the jeans and the heels in the store!

I was kinda diggin' the ripped holes with the pink lace peeking through.
I ended up buying heels there too... but not the black ones.
I bought hot pink ones... like the ones below.

We can just pretend these are my feet/legs.
My real legs have cankles.. so umm.. yeah... no picture there. LOL

Well now.. what do you think?

Hot or not??

Am I a skinny jeans kinda momma, or what?
This isnt my typical style.. but Im wanting to be more bold
and step out of my style box!!

I honestly would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Be Gentle Kind Sirs! 

P.S. This post was inspired by Nina of Momma Go Round!!

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That is all!! 


  1. Take those tags off and go strut your curvy booty off, girl! The fit you chose is just right. Nice length on the inseam. I see a lot of plus size women who wear them, and the inseam is always too short, so you're always drawn to that, rather than their slimming leg. You've done it just right! It's simple with a pop of color. You're gorgeous!

    Luxe Boulevard

  2. Those jeans ROCK!!! I understand how you feel odd in skinny jeans the first few times. I would see skinny & curvy women and think, "Why do they look awful on me and great on everyone else?" I had the same thought about leggings. Finally, I just went for it. I think that the main goal is to have the right top, and you already do. May I ask where those beauteous jeans came from?

  3. I like those jeans. I think some curvy women CAN'T pull those off. But YOU SO DO!!!!! They look awesome. Even better if they are comfy. I swear strut your stuff!!!!!!

  4. I'm lovin those on you. If you feel good then they look good! Love the oink lace peeking out of the holes too!

  5. they look great! I too have been scared of skinny jeans.

  6. Girl, its all about the if you BELIEVE you look do!! Who cares if your legs don't look like you spent some time in a concentration camp..ahh! I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans too..and I rock the junk in the trunk and the thick thighs! I am not so sure either, but when I saw your pic and you look so cute I thought...ya...I can do this! Thanks for being vulnerable!!

  7. I love them! I am a curvy girl and I LOVE my skinny jeans. They make me feel skinnier.

    You look great in them!

  8. Aww girl, I give you huge props. The pair you picked is totally rad with the pink showing, and you bought PINK high hells to go with it. WOW!!!

    I wish, WISH I could wear high heels. I simply can't stand not being comfortable.

    I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans, he he, they were tore up too, and my whole family was teasing me because my jeans had holes in them, lol.

    I wore mine with knee high COMFY boots, and they are surprisingly comfy.

    I think you should get them girl, you look confident in them, and that's more important than anything, the way you carry yourself, :)


    Bella :)

  9. I love it and I love your new heels too!

  10. Totally HOT! They fit you perfectly and the shoes are awesome!

  11. I say go for it! I am really short & way hip-ier than most jeans think I should be for my height, so I thought I couldn't do it either. But once I fnially tried them I LOVED them. I think you look great, & like someone else said- it's all about confidence. If you aren't 100% comfortable in them yet, fake it till you make it because you're gorgeous!

  12. You rock 'em! And with some pointy toed heels too?...yeah, it works. I've only been wearing either my Uggs or scrunchy boots with mine right now. :)

  13. First off, you look BEYOND awesome!!! I love the leggings showing through and those heels are KILLER!

    So, for all your hot momma-ness, you've been featured today on Real Momma, Real Style!!! HEHEHEHE, had to show of how fabu you look.


  14. This is my first pair of colored shinnies & i love them! goes good w/any basic top to add a pop of color! I would definitely purchase Barely There 4J87


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