Monday, February 21, 2011

Did You Know? #2

Did you know that there has been a few new additions to Agape Love Designs?
You may have noticed my new blog design?
I have been working hard trying to prettify my blog!
I think I have finally settled on a design I like.
What do you think?
Ive been the most iffy on the banner..
I have changed it like 10 times already.
But I think its right, for now.
I'd love to have your input!

Also new,
did you know I have SPONSORS now?
Yes, I am sooo excited about this!
It took me a while to set it all up, but I am
so loving it!
Having sponsors allows me to share with you
other fantastic blogs that I love and think you too will enjoy,
It allows me to do giveaways, which EVERYONE enjoy!
And will offer me a way to get just a little extra cash
which will justify to the hubs, all the time and effort I 
put into this blog and my business!
he has been kinda skeptical as of late. :(
You can view my current sponsors 
on my side bar------>
Make sure to visit them and let them know 
Maria from Agape Love sent ya over! :)
Interested in sponsoring Agape Love Designs?
Great I would love to have you!
Check out how YOU can become a sponsor!

Another new thing here on ALD&P
Did you know that I now have a
Yes a schedule. The rest of my life is pretty scheduled.
I like to have order and organization, it makes life so much
easier! Yes I am a control freak, I admit it! LOL
But this is a good thing, so far ALD&P has been
great I post anything any time. But I think having order will
make it easier for me to maintain, and give you all something 
to look forward to, since you will know what to expect.
Check out the new Schedule {here}!

Moving on...

Did you know that I have TWO etsy shops!?
yes two.. ugh and I am trying to get rid of one of them!
I created my first one without giving it much thought.
So when I did stop to think about it, I didnt like it!
I didnt like the name and I had to start fresh.
Unfortunately I didnt want to unlist the items I have for 
sale in the old shop and waste the money I paid to list them!
So instead Im having a sale! 
I want to get rid of everything in the shop so that I can close it for good!
Right now you can get 30% off of everything in my old shop!

Did you know...
I am hosting a giveaway going on right now 
for this adorable spring inspired ruffle necklace!! 
Would you like to win it??
Then click the picture of it at the top of my 
side bar to be taken to the giveaway! --->

Did you know I have a linky party going on right now??
Its the Get your face on linky party!
I would be totally tickled if you headed over and linked up!!
Click the button below to head on over and see what its all about!

Well I believe that is all!
Now you know!!
Happy Monday!

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  1. Sweet girl, thanks for all the info. I'm off to see your old shop, I LOVE a good sale, he he.

    Bella :)


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