Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabulous Fan Photos #2!

Welcome to another FABULOUS Fan Photo Friday!!
I big fat puffy HEART my fans!
And I absolutely LOVE when I get your fan photos! 
To prove it, Im making Friday, Fan Photo Day!
 So if youre a fan, if you have purchased, or even won
any of my products.. please send in your photos!
You can email them to me at:
I'd LOVE that for sure!
If you havent "liked" me yet.. 
then head on over and do it
You know you want to.. all the cool kids are doing it!
And it will make me feel oh so loved!

Alrighty onto my amazing fans!!

First up is Megan from Mommy Minded!
She is wearing one of my Blingy Heart Hair Clips!
I really love this picture!

Next up is Trista, wearing a custom "Bella Flower" on a headband. 

Here is Samantha, wearing a bow from my "Charming Bow Collection"

And of course, you know Im always sportin' my own stuff!
So here I am wearing my XO headband! :)

Im feeling the fabulous-ness are you? :)
Thanks to my the BEST Fans ever, for sending me your photos!!
Keep them coming!!!
You all have a special place in this girls heart! :)

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Friday,
and a ROCKIN week end!! :)

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