Friday, February 18, 2011

Fan Photo Friday #3

Its Friday! WOW
the week has gone by SUPER duper fast!
And I have more Fan Photos to share,
just so you know how much I SUPER duper
L♥VE my fans!!

 So if youre a fan, if you have purchased, or even won
any of my products.. please send in your photos!
You can email them to me at:
I'd LOVE that for sure!
If you havent "liked" me yet.. 
then head on over and do it
You know you want to.. all the cool kids are doing it!
And it will make me feel oh so loved!

Up first is Jessica wearing a custom Bella Flower
with a beautiful Cameo Silhouette center accent!
Doesnt she look great! :)
This was made and sold before I had my etsy shop.
Im thinking I need to make some more of these
with the cameo accent.. what do you think?

Here it is up close!
Oh do I love cameo silhouettes!

Up next is my beautiful niece Bella! :) Oh how I love her!
I have made her several headbands. Here are just two of
the ones I have made for her.

And here is my gorgeous niece Deanna Grace!
She is wearing a fabric rosette headband that I made just for her!
I love when my sisters send me these pictures.
They just totally make my day!

 Up next is my sister Alea, wearing a fun rosette with ruffles!
This is just one of about 45 clips I helped make
for a baby shower our older sister Mona, was planning.
We made these as party favors for each of the guests!

Each one was slightly different!
But all with the same pink and brown theme!
They were a BIG hit at the baby shower.
I am considering creating more baby shower packages
to sell in my shop.
What do you guys think?
Here is a picture of some of the finished clips!
(click for full size)

And lastly... you know Im always sportin my own fashions! :)
Here is a picture of my wearing a pair of my
Raspberries & Cream rosette bobby pins!

Thanks for stopping by and being a fan!
Keep sending me your photos!
I LOVE seeing you all enjoying my creations!
Happy Friday, have an amazing week end!

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  1. All positively glamorous. I did do a little more aw-ing over the little ones. LOL! There's just something about a baby girl with a flower in her hair, you know?!


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