Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Your Face On Linky Party!!

I had so much fun getting my face on!
And I loved the responses I got! 
So I decided to go ahead a do a linky party!
I know its Valentines Day..
So if you've got a hot date tonight
chances are.. YOU too will be getting your face on!


Even if you dont have a hot date.. You should do this ANYWAYS!
Because maybe youre gonna be bored and this will give you 
something to do! Or just do it cause you love me! ♥

Take pics and post your before and afters
or take step by step pics like I did! 
Bare is all and show the world how you
get your face on!
Then come back and link up here!!

If you missed me getting my face on
you can check it out {here}
and see how I went from
THIS to ---------------------->THIS



I made this nifty button, and would love it if you added it to your post
so that when others read your post, they can head on over
and join in on all the fun!
You dont want to be a fun hog do you?? ;)

I thought not! 
So grab this:

This linky will be left up for a month!
Be sure to come back and visit other blogs
and make sure to leave lots of comment love!
Lets be woman who encourage and uplift others! 
This is for fun, so go all out and enjoy!
Also, if you have a few different makeup looks..
feel free to post and link up as much as you would like!
Just be sure to put my button in your blog post!
Thanks so much!


  1. Hey sweet face! Since I'm still agonizingly new at this mess... I cannot for the stinkin' life of me figure out how to put that doggone button on my page! Is it that hard to figure out or have I just lost my cotton pickin' mind!?

  2. So pretty! :} Your makeup looks great! I love the way your eyes look! Hi I am deborah btw :]


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