Thursday, February 10, 2011

Maria Gets Her Face On!


Ive decided to bare it all.. go completely naked....
Well at ok maybe not COMPLETELY naked!
Just my face!
Today Im going to share with you, how I get my face on.
There are quite a few pictures
(all kinda grain 'cause I took them with the cellular)
Showing pretty much my step by step make up routine.

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decided to do the linky party! YAY
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After reading this post!

Picture numero uno!

The Blank Canvas
No makeup




I have really bad dark circles under my eyes.. its a trait that kinda runs in my family.
I cant stand it.. and it takes a lot to conceal them. :(

After I have applied foundation and blush.
What I use:
I use a mixture of  Simply Ageless (by Covergirl & Olay)
Bare Minerals is kinda expensive, so even though it does
cover great on its own, in an attempt to make it last
I use the Simply ageless first, and then kinda touch up with the BM.
The blush I use is by Avon.
Its called Smooth Minerals in the color of Rose Radiance.

This is what I will be using on my eyes:
Shadow Magnet by bareMinerals in "light"
Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Swish Chocolate.
(You cant tell but its a gorgeous color with sparkles in it!)
Then the High Light shadow is Wet n Wild Mega Eye in Cream.
(Unfortunately they discontinued this product! It was my fav, my sister searched for it everywhere and found someone who sold it on amazon.. she bought 4 of them.)

This is me after applying the shadow magnet all over the lid of my eyes, 
and then adding the cream shadow to the front and inside corners of my eyes.
As well as a little black eye liner.

Next step is to add the chocolate shadow to the middle and outside corners of my eyes.
I always make sure to really get into the crease of my lids!

Here are a few pictures up close so you can see what I mean.

Next thing I do is take a small sharp angled brush and sweep a line of
black shadow just above my lash line.
This helps give me a look of fuller lashes after I put mascara on!

Here is a full view after all those steps!
Almost done at this point!

Last few steps!
Apply lip gloss and Mascara, then let your hair down!
I always use Define-A-Lash mascara by Mabelline.
To me its one of the best I have tried.. I never get tarantula like clumps
and my lashes always look super long!

here are a few close ups of my finished eyes!

And now that I have gotten my face on.. 
You know I HAD to take a few pictures!

Psst.. wanna know a little secret?
I didnt even brush my hair this morning! I took it right out of the bun and let it down! 

And just in case you were wondering.. here are the brushes I used. :)
Top one:
Left side is what I used to apply the cream shadow, right side to 
apply the brown shadow and really get into the crease of my eye lids!

Bottom Brush:
I used the left side to apply the black "liner" shadow.

And this one may seem a bit personal.. but its totally true..
I use this for my lips every day!
Its amazing, it tastes good and makes my lips tingle. I LOVE it.
And just in case.. for all you haters or nay-sayers who may disapprove
of me posting this little pic.. well Im married! And Its perfectly
ok for me to have this! LOL

Thanks for stopping by, now go create your own "get your face on" posty then go link up! :)

I was not contacted at all by any of the brands mentioned above.
These are just my own opinions on the products I use everyday. :)
I enjoy them because they work great.. and dont take a big hit from
the hubs' wallet! :)


  1. I love this idea! I'd totally join in if you do a link party for it! You're gorgeous both ways, momma!

  2. Okay you are just stinkin' beautiful without makeup and I, well I am extremely jealous!!! BUT if you do a Linky Party... I will partake! My makeup isn't as glamorous as yours, though lol mine's pretty simple since I've got 2 under 2 lol!

  3. I would totally do a linky party like this. I enjoyed your post thoroughly. You are so beautiful both with and without make up.

  4. Oh MY! What a beauty, with and without makeup! I would share my dark circles, but it scares people! (Here is a funny: People used to ask my mother if she or somebody had punched me in the eyes, the circles are SO black!!) I have been itching to try the Simply ageless, but have not... I will have to! You see I am quite a bit older... so along with my dark circles, I have folds underneath!! This might be the trick! I currently use the BM but have the same $$ issue with it... Being a MA, I tend to use the expensive stuff and forget the drug-store stuff. Need to remember this!
    Anyways, GREAT JOB!! Thank you for sharing your camo-techinique!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  5. LOVE IT! And I love the last comment! lol!

  6. Thanks for linking up at Unwasted Homemaking Party! Love the makeup tutorial... isn't it fun being a girl?! I love looking in the mirror in the morning and then getting out my makeup box and transforming my face lol! Love your eyelashes by the way!!!

  7. make-up tute! so fun! thanks a lot for linking up your fab tutorial! can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  8. my bosom buddy is in a different container LOL I wonder if it's the same brand? I love it for my lips- I am addicted to tingly lipstuff!

  9. Great make up!


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