Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Valentine Decor On A Dollar Round Up!

I didnt do too much for Valentine Decor, 
but what I did do Im sooo LOVING! :)
Most of it was created from items I found at the dollar tree, 
or dollar section of Target.
The rest I created myself! :)
Here is our "mantel".
(All pictures are full size, so you can click them all to get a better view! Just ignore the fact that I didnt dust please!!!!)

I simply ADORE how this Love word art printable turned out!
This is 8x10 size that I had printed at Walmart.
Cost was $4 but I got it in 10 minutes! 
Rather than paying less and getting it the next day.

This is What Love Looks Like Printable,
also printed as an 8x10 at Wally World.
The frames for both of these printables I found at the dollar tree!
I really love the look of the BIG frames, with the matte around the photo.

This is a "dollar tree hurricane vase".
Those candles & candle sticks are also from dollar tree.
I just spray painted them white.
(had those on hand from Christmas though)
And the Vase itself is filled with foam hearts,
taken off of "heart picks", that I also found at the dollar tree.

Here is a close up of the "This is what love looks like" Printable.

Here are a few shots of the Love Art printable up close.
This is available for free up until the 13th! Then it will go in my shop.

Definitely click these to get a better look!

In this picture below, you can see the heart picks I mentioned above.
Read more about this decor in {this} post!

{This} is another post showing different versions of this Printable below.

Lastly you be sure to check out this Dollar Tree Valentine Art!

There you have it, my Valentine Decor Round Up!! 
What do you think?
I am just so happy (and so is the hubs wallet!)
with what I can create for just a few dollars here and there! :)

Oh and PS.. would you like to have an extra $50 to spend!? Who wouldnt right!?!?
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  1. You were featured on Craft Envy!

  2. these are all so lovely! thanks a lot for linking up your fab tutorial! can't wait to see what you have for next week!


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