Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

So thanks to Diary of a Craft-aholic I was awarded with the Stylish Blogger Award!! 
Yay, thats really awesome to me, because I have really been working on redecorating my blog.
I did the background, and have been changing out the banner.. cause I just cant seem to find a look im completely happy with just yet! lol I've been working on the sidebar are to get it looking organized and nice.
I even created a new sponsor area! What are your thoughts on the new blog look? I'd love to hear your thoughts and your input! So dont be shy!!

Well I guess I will get onto the people Im giving this award to!

Lauren from The Knotty Boutique!
She is completely adorable and so sweet! Her blog is new but she is gonna be BIG soon, I just know it!!
She is amazingly talented! You definitely want to check her out!! Tell her Maria-Isabel from Agape Love Designs sent you over!! :)

She is also totally wonderful, and helpful and sweet!
She just recently redesigned her blog too on her own!
Be sure to tell her that Maria-Isabel from Agape Love Designs sent you over!

Jessica from Craftily Ever After
She is a fav blogger of mine, Im always sooo inspired by her and all her 
creations! And she just got some wonderful news that she is prego! Go 
congratulate her!!! :)

Ashley from Cute As A Fox
She has some of the cutest party and craft idea tutorials EVER!
I always enjoy every post she does!

Colleen of Feng Shui Savvy
She is so talented, she has another blog Mural maker, that I LOVE!
She can paint just about anything and has serious crazy talen!
Her new blog is Feng Shui Savvy, which has some great organization tips and so much more! :)

Now Im supposed to list 7 things about myself.. 
but Im kinda feeling Lazy! SOOO...
I will leave you with some fun links to check out! :)

If youre not a fan already, then head on over to my FB page and like me!
You wont regret it, I like to hold exclusive giveaways just for my FB fans!! :)

Click {here} for a chance to win $50 to CSN stores!! 

Wanna be BFF? Read {this post} on the things you will need to know if we are gonna be BFF!

You can find other random facts on my last award post.

Check out my new Sponsor section, and learn how you can promote yourself on my blog for free!

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  1. Awww, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am always blown away when I get an award, seriously, to be picked from ALL the blogs that you must follow, it's such an honor.

    You know I'm lovin on you girl, and I am so thankful. I will surely do a shout out to Agape Love, and of course I need to show everyone my beautiful new photo album I received the other day!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    Bella :)


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