Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Love #2

Its Thursday again, and time for another "Things I love" Post! :)
My second one. 
Yay me, for keeping on my schedule! lol

Well #1 on the things I LOVE list is
I just discovered her blog, and it totally rocked my socks!
I was checking it out from an old LMM post.
And I got sucked in.. seriously.. like for hours!
Sad I know.. but it was LATE I was waiting for a friend
to arrive from Washington! SO I had the time. :)
Anywho.. she has these Little Bit Awesome,
Little bit Awkward posts she does.
I thought it would be fun to combine my
things I love post with a little bit awesome &
little bit awkward... because what I have to share
today DOES seem to fit into both those categories! :)

So Things I love... that are also totally awesome:
New Hair color & cut!
What do you think?

I love the fact that this was all THE HUBS idea!
The color choice, cut and the fact that its straight for once.
He did good right... well yeah.. he did AWESOME!

I love the attention I was getting from the hubs!
Because I went to get this done alone (he stayed home with the kids) he
was anxious to see my new look, and when I got home, he couldnt take his eyes off me! :)
It kinda felt like when we were young and first in love again. *hehe* 
He was so excited about my new look he wanted to take me out and show me off.
He actually "asked me out" like when youre in high school or something. 
'So.. do you wanna go out with me tonight?'
It was really cute. 
Of course you KNOW I said yes!
Get my hair done, then a date out with the hubs! 
I felt a little spoiled... it was definitely AWESOME! :)

 The fact that this DARK hair actually seems like its slimming on me. 
Like "they" say wearing black is slimming.. it seems that may be true for hair color too. 
I feel like I really look slimmer.
HA! Can we say Awesome...
I think yes...

I Love:
 the awesome way my new color shines a pretty burgundy red when its in the light,
and how that red, makes my hazel eyes look more green side! :)

I love:
 how a hair cut and new color can make you  feel like a whole new person!
Its new and exciting and fun. I some how feel more confident,
flirty and playful...
I love it, and Im still enjoying extra attention from the hubs!
Haha He REALLY likes the new look. And I do too.
Definitely awesome-ness-worthy...

And silly photo worthy! :)

Now for the Awkward!
The silly way your hair looks during the whole coloring process!
Eww and look at my ratty ends.. I was in desperate need of a cut! haha

Awkward: Having to sit for about an hour with my hair looking like a
freaky pink Medusa head! hahaha

Ok maybe those things arent THAT awkward.. but it isnt as fabulous as
the finished product! Definitely worth it though!

Here is something WAAAY more awkward!
After the hubs and my date night, we went to pick up the kids 
from his sisters house. Zander, our youngest (he will be 2 next month)
Threw a hard plastic egg ball thing straight into my eye from about a foot in front of me!

Ready for the REALLY awkward part?
Zan threw the egg ball so hard it actually made a pop sound when it hit
my eye, and it hurt so bad, I let out a huge loud F-Bomb!
I know.. Im hanging my head in shame! :(
It was so unexpected! I couldnt open my eye for about 5 min,
and my eyes were streaming with a water fall of tears.
I wasnt actually crying.. they just started watering and wouldnt stop.
I actually started laughing after the shock wore off.
And when I could finally open my eye, it was completely blood shot!
I was actually worried I would have a black eye!

How awkward would that be to explain...
luckily I didn't have to!

This is my eye about 30 min after he hit me.
Its kinda funny seeing the one eye still with makeup and the other all
wiped off from the "tears" 
Yeah.. this looks extremely awkward!

Its a good thing it was late and we were just heading home for bed. LOL
But my eye was sore for the rest of the night.

I still love my Zander boo though! (duh) You cant really be mad at a face like this:

I am actually proud of his strong arm,
though now we need to make sure he knows not to throw
at people.. especially faces! :)

Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye ball!



  1. Always great to drop the F-bomb in front of the sitter, right?! LOL! Glad you're okay. And don't worry, I'm trying to get my three-year-old to understand that it is not okay to hit people with ANYTHING, nor is it nice to pin them down and sit on them. She's VERY antagonistic. Gosh!
    I do love the hair. That color is definitely flattering on you. I tried bergundy once. The hubs DID NOT go for it. I always try something different, but always find myself wandering back to my classic A-line, side swept bangs, and mix of lowlights and highlights. It's where I feel the most confident!

    And P.S. Too cute about the hubs asking you out. Please ask him to drop a note or two to my husband. LOL!

  2. Love the hair color!! It is AWESOME!!
    My littlest brother threw a glass salad dressing bottle my little sisters way when he was like 18 monthes old. It hit her square in the middle of her forehead. An egg magically appeared within 3 minutes under her skin! (Not a real egg of course) But I sat at the dinner table not believing my eyes!! We all ended up laughing to ease her tears. She ended up laughing the hardest when she saw her new look!
    You are an absolutely stunning lady! I got some of that olay eye stuff today cuz of you recommendation! I can't wait to try it!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  3. I LOVE the hair color. And your bangs (: I need to get a bang fixeroo. Buuuut I'm chicken, to say the least.
    And what a cute little boy(:

  4. LOVE the hair...your word is Forgiven , just like you did your sweet precious boy. That face~SOOO Cute! :)


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