Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I LOVE {Thursday}!

So I ordered this ring last week.. 
and I just had to say that I totally LURVE it!

I got it at the Little Miss Momma Shop
She rocks, Love her blog, Love her shop.. LOVE HER!

Im already thinking about a few other items I want to buy!
And this Lavender Rose ring.. so pretty! I just want them all!
Of course.. I have been thinking about the oh so awesome

Then I could be cool... like this:

Im not sure if my finger 'stach looks as cool...
But the RING looks great! 
I love it, and got many compliments on it already.

 it also came in a cute little package! :)

Exciting stuff. Yup!

PS While youre here, be sure to check out the Linky party I have going on!!
Ive only got one link up so far.. and its making me sad! :(
Help turn my frown upside down! Thanks :)


  1. I love LMM. I follow her blog religiously. I've been wanting the midnight necklace forever, but everytime she brings it out I'm not able to buy right away, then it sells out. One of these I will score!

  2. I LOVE this post! Like, totally smiling from ear to ear right now! You are the BEST! AND you are so so so freakin beautiful! Perfect skin, amazing eyes--you rock!


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