Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zebra Print Lamp Shade Tutorial

I am slowly but surely getting Kiahs room and her decor all wrapped up!
For Christmas we bought her a new bed,
and for her Birthday we are buying her a desk
and zebra print chair! :) We have recently bought
her zebra print curtains and sheer purple curtains.
I have made her a zebra print monogram hair clip holder,
I have decoupaged her light switch and outlet covers.
And today I am going to show you how I created
this one of a kind zebra print lamp shade for her!

We already had this lamp base, it was from her old lamp. 
the shade was made of plastic and large sequins... after
a few years it just got detroyed! So I threw it away, but I thought
the base was so pretty, that I was inspired to make her a 
new pretty lamp shade to go with her room!

So I bought a plain white lamp:

Remember the fabric I got for $1 that I used for the light switch covers?
Well I still had plenty left, and laid it down flat on the table.
Started at the end and rolled the lamp to the other side, and traced along
as I went.

When I was done, I had a curved rectangle shape.

I cut it out leaving about an inch extra fabric from the pen line.
This way I could fold it over and glue in place.

I wrapped it completely around the lampshade using alligator clips
to keep it in place as I went before I glued anything down.

I started at the back of the lamp shade and drew a long line of glue
at the crease here. and Firmly pressed the fabric down.

Then I started at the top going back and forth from top and bottom, I glued 
about 2 inched down at a time. Make sure to pull the fabric tight as you
fold and glue it over.

When I got to the metal here, I just cut a line in the fabric and glued
it down around the underside of the metal!

Here i am at the end, I left about an inch of fabric open before gluing it down,
so I could fold it over and made a nice neat line.

Then glue down.

And that part is done! And looking great.

Next step, purple trim lace glued around the bottom of the lamp shade.

I was considering purple lace on the top too, but wasnt for sure about it,
so I used the alligator clips again to get a good look.
I looked cute, but I just wasnt for sure.. so I decided to do something else.

I started making a little silk ribbon rosette.

Then made a lace flower using black lace trim.

Added the rosette to the center and ...

then glued the flower the top of the lamp shade.
It was perfect!

Here it is in better lighting.

I LOVE how it turned out! Kiah was beyond excited about it too!
I love the mixture of the print and the lace, it looks even better in person.

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  1. that turned out soooo cute and it looks so easy to make. I can totally see myself making one for my mother's room for mother's day, she needs a lamp and I can jazz up her room with one.

  2. Stinkin' lovin' it!
    I plan on doing my girls room in zebra print and pink. I told my husband I wanted to paint their walls a dark pink, have white furniture, and throw in zebra print accents. Let's just say his eyebrows went REALLY high!

  3. That is so cute, my older sister loves zebra stripes and would absolutely love that lamp.. I did a zebra stripe project this week as well, check it out if you want.

  4. Your lampshade is so cute! I especially love the rosette!

  5. Love it! I told my husband I wanted to do something similar and he said NO. For some reason he thinks that adding fabric to a fabric lampshade turns it into a fire hazard.

  6. SO fun!! I love the purple! Great tutorial!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  7. Hey Maria, YUP you saw the feature before I could tell you, lol. Sorry, I was swamped when I posted those, and barely could get them done, and then I just didn't get a chance to let everyone know, lol.

    You found out anyway, he he, cuz you love me, and check out my blog anyway, he he.

    Thanks for linking up to Bella Before and After **AMAZE ME AUGUST** party, I LOVE having you.


    Bella :)

  8. That looks really chic! The transformation is really amazing transformation. It gives your room a new personality.


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