Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hubs Was RIGHT....Again. (Thursday Things I Love #6)

The hubs was right... again... 
oye... did I just say that!?

Haha.. so yeah if youre a FB fan you may remember 
me mentioning this:

After that I decided to go ahead to the store and look at lipstick. 
I dont wear lipstick... never really have at all!
So that was really new to me. I didnt know what to look for,
or what would be best. Plus all the red lipsticks looked the same to me! 
Though Im sure they all looked a little different on.
So I just grabbed one that looked alright, and bought it to try.
 And this is the result:

Like I said in my FB post I didnt think I could pull off RED lipstick!
I wasnt even sure what makeup to wear with it. I figured a more 
natural face would probably be best since the red kinda pops
so much already! But then figured if I was going to try it, I was
going to go all out. So I created a sultry smokey eye look to go
with the red lipstick. 

Did I mention I was hiding in the bathroom this whole time?
I didnt want the hubs to see me just yet...
I was actually kinda nervous, and felt a little silly!
Kind of like a little girl getting into mommy's makeup, 
and not really knowing what she was doing!
It was a weird feeling... I LOVE makeup... I never feel that way!
Red lipstick was just such a scary new thing to me!

So I step out of the bathroom, with my hands covering my lips
and go out to find the hubs.  
I get his attention... 
and he looks at me (with my hands still covering my lips) and asks what 
happened, whats wrong? 
Im like.. nothing... Im just nervous!
He has no clue whats going on.. he just looked so confused!
So finally I said, I just wanted to show you something...
and I uncovered my lips!
He smiled his million dollar smile that 
melts my heart and makes my knees weak.
He loved it!
And just like when I got my new hair do
he couldn't take his eyes off me. 
He said he loved it, that it looked really sexy on me, 
and that he knew it would look good on me because 
I just have the lips for it!

I guess I do have big ole ducky lips...

After all his compliments, I was feeling more secure and comfortable.
And now I can say I totally am loving red lipstick!
So yeah... the Hubs was right.
It is still a LITTLE scary... but I am definitely more
confident about it. I also love the fact that so far the hubs has
picked out my new hair
had the idea of red lipstick for me, and
just last night he went to a premier designs jewelry party with me
and PICKED OUT a pretty necklace for me.
Am I a lucky gal or what! :)

What do YOU think about red lipstick?
How do you pull it off??
Do you have any good red lipstick suggestions?
Also, lets hear about what YOU are totally lovin' this week!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Duvet Cover to Curtain Panels {Guest Tutorial}

We have a guest Blogger here today!
I'd like you to meet one of Agape Love's newest sponsors!
Jayna from RockNRegalia, is such an awesome person, that I have really
enjoyed connecting with and getting to know here in Blogland!
I love that we have a lot of similarities between her and I. :)
I am thrilled to have her guest post today! Be sure to leave
comment love here and then check out her blog!!

Howdy there!
I am Jayna Rae from RockNRegalia.
I am ridiculously excited that Maria has allowed me to visit with you today.
I am here to share some fun curtain panels that I recently whipped up.

We have lived in our house since July of 2004. 
That is almost 7 years.
There are gorgeous real wood blinds on our windows. 
They have made an appearance or two on my blog before.
However, there has NEVER been curtains
on the window in my Master Bedroom.

I just can't seem to decide what I want.
Well, forget it.
It doesn't have to be perfect.
I think searching for the "perfect" thing 
can often deter a person from doing anything.
Case in point.

So, I took my old duvet cover.
This one here with the blue birds.

It still matches my decor.

In fact it is quite similar with the exception of the cute blue birds,
which were what won my heart in the first place.

I mainly replaced it because it has REALLY slightly discolored.

Anywho. This is what that duvet cover looks like now.

Pretty cute, if I do say so myself.
I know it's a lot of pattern, 
but they will be open much of the time,
once I get some tie backs that is.

Oooooh, wait!
Don't they look great as a valance?
Let's see.

What do you think?
Does it work?

Well, let me show you how this process went.
It's pretty simple. I PROMISE ;)

First lay out your duvet cover so that it is flat. You will actually be surprised by how large it actually is.
Next, fold it in half the hot dog way (lengthewise)

Now you are ready to cut.
I am sure measuring would be good too,
but this method actually works quite well.

Now you will have two double dipped (double sided) panels
that are open on one side and the bottom.
The bottom is where the duvet was already open for insertion of the comforter.

Flip the cover inside out.

You may want to pin the edges together.
In my haphazardness, I did not.
This caused me to have to tear out the second panel and resew.
Do it right the first time, unlike me.

Next, I stitched up the open sides.
I left a small area open at the top for the rod to slip through.
(Sorry no photo of this step, but pretty self-explanatory)

Then I flipped it back right side out.
I opened some stitching on the side that was manufacture sewn
 for the rod to slip all the way through the top.

Finally I stitched all the way across the top to make the rod casing.

I turned under the edges of the casing and stitched those as well.

Trim the threads.

These puppies birdies are ready to hang.

And here they are one more time!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Story Behind My 'Stache Obession AND A Tutorial For My Sequin Mustache Bib Necklace!

Pinky's out... yeah Im FANCY like that!

So I decided to share a couple stories with you today.
One being the story behind my new 'stache obessesion,
the other being the story behind my youngest sisters 'stache

So here goes...

Yeah no.. not the necklace...
a REAL one!
What, you may ask, would make me want to share this info with you all?
This comment:
Did you see that "Michelle Mollner: She is beautiful! She could have
a real one and still be beautiful!"

SO Im coming out...
Ok so maybe I dont have a full on mustache!
But I have always been sensitive of the hair I have there...
even though its not really that much!
But since we have been married the hubs would "joke" with me
about it. I used to be so embarrassed!

One time he made a joke about it in front of one of his buddies while
we were all out on a double date. He whispered something.. I knew it
was about my "mexi-stache" I got so fired up I wanted to punch the hubs!
Next thing you know, his poor friend looking all confused asks
what mustache? And as an instant reflex I PUNCH him right in the chest!!

It was actually pretty hard, and yeah he admitted it hurt him.
Well..  he didnt see it coming. I felt so bad!
I didnt really mean to, I was actually really meaning to punch the hubs..
but when I heard mustache I just kinda reacted... er... OVER-reacted!!
We all laughed it off and it was fine.. but that just goes to show you
just how sensitive I was about the subject.

The hubs would suggest shaving or waxing.
I have NEVER done that and never will.
For one, the hair is very fine (almost unnoticeable, really)
and I dont want to make it worse, or start something I
will have to continue to do for, like, ever!
But I did decide one day to bleach it...
so I went to the bathroom,
locked the door,
and began the process.
There I was sitting in the bathroom,
bleach cream on my "stache"
and the hubs knocks on the door...
'What are you doing? Why is the door locked'
I just didnt want him to know what I was doing...
I could so see him making jokes about it for the rest of our lives!
Long story short..

He DID end up finding out what I was doing
(just so we all know Im a terrible liar!)
He DID crack jokes...
It showed him just how sensitive I really was about it.
And he stopped making jokes about it ever since.
Which is actually kind of funny, since I was never so insecure about it
or even NOTICED it until HE mentioned it. LOL

Now I look back and just laugh...
and I love the mustache symbol!
Its just fun and funny.. and it has meaning to me..
so that is why NOW I am loving the mustache!
I can smile and say thanks, when someone says
'Nice Mustache' :)

My youngest sister Samantha has a thing for the mustache as well.
Her husband's last name is Sanchez, so he was and is still
somewhat made fun of, for his last name.
They call him Dirty Sanchez.
I WILL NOT put the meaning of that on my blog!
If you dont know what it means, you can look it up,
but beware... its something yucky!
All I will say is that is has something to do with
a mustache of sorts...
My sister kind of gets it too from her hubby's friends.
They just laugh it off... but it puts funny meaning to the
stache symbol for her and that is why she has a thing for it too!

So when she saw my moustache necklace from LMM,
She was so jealous! She said she wanted a mustache necklace,
and she had been wanting me to make her something
special for a while now. SO she pretty much inspired
me to make my Pink sequined Mustache Bib Necklace!

And I have a quick tutorial to share with you, on
how to make your own!

Samantha loves pink and LOVED my xoxo headband,
so I combined all three things to make her necklace!

necklace clasps
jump rings
multi tool
glue & glue gun
(Although its more expensive, I use the sequin string, because its easier to work with!)

So I pretty much just created a mustache template that I liked 
the look and size of, then traced it onto my felt.
Using the glue gun, an inch at a time, I slowly added the sequin string.
You must be careful, because the glue can seep through and burn 
your fingers! And may look too messy if you arent careful!
You want to keep going around and around the outer edges until you
reach the center, carefully cut the string and glue the last bit down.
Cut your chain to about 18in 
(you can do any length but 18in is pretty standard)
Glue to the back of your mustache.
Use a little more felt to cover the chains.
I used my multi tool to cut the chain at the very top center,
then connected a jump ring to one side and a lobster clasp to the other.

And thats it!
Now you have a unique statement necklace!
I love it!
 Its fun and flirty!
And definitely a conversation piece!

And in case youre wondering, Sammy Got a kick out of it too!
She LOVED it! :) It totally suits her. :)

If you dont feel like investing in the supplies and time it takes to
make your own, you can also purchase your very own
Sequin mustache necklace in my shop {here}! :)

Now tell me... 
are we the only ones who have silly somewhat
embarrassing mustache stories??
I'd like to know Im NOT alone!
So if you have a story to share, please do!!! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Im Sponsoring A Giveaway And A Winner!!

I made this gorgeous ruffled bib necklace with rhinestone accent
about 5 months ago. Because I fell in LOVE with one just like it from
anthropology, when I saw Jen of From Head to Toe wearing one!
I knew I would never be able to afford one from anthro, so I just deciced
to make one myself! This is what I came up with! :)
 Up close of the details...
 What do you think?
 I love it. :)

So I decided to make another one to giveaway!
I contacted Nichelle a few months back and got on her
schedule to sponsor a giveaway on her blog!! :)
And the day has FINALLY come!
So if you would like to win this ruffled bib necklace 
from me head on over to Vintage Wanna bee 
and enter to win!! :)

But before you go I wanted to announce the winner of the
Gorgeous cameo headband from Moonbeams & Stardust!
If you didnt win, but would still like to purchase something
from the M&S shop, remember she has given an awesome
15% discount to Agape Love followers...
see the coupon code below
then click the image to be taken to the shop!


And the winner is...

Jayna!! Congratulations!! Im so happy for you girly! :)
Please email me your home address so you can get your prize!

Now everyone be sure to head on over to VWB and enter my
giveaway! And if you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway
HERE on Agape Love, then please check out my sponsor page!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fan Photo Friday #5

Happy Happy Friday everyone!! :)
We made it to the end of the week!
Give yourself a pat on the back.

Since its Friday its time for another Fabulous Fan Photo's post!!
This is definitely a favorite part of my "job" as a designer, and
blogger. To get fan photos and happy customer photos
and see just how YOU use my designs and creations!

I already love doing what I do, but seeing these photos
and getting lovely emails and comments just make it better.
You are all the FROSTING to my CAKE! :)

If you want, feel free to grab a button
if you have been featured!! :)

Stephanie of Luxe Boulevard, one of my wonderful sponsors,
is so giving, she always has amazing deals going on in her shop!
Plus she has sponsored two giveaways right here on Agape Love!
So I was thrilled when she happened to win one of MY giveaways!
Doesn't my Crown Glass Pendant necklace look
just perfect on her? :) Its just so fitting!

Check out Bella, from Bella Before and After! She got this Agape Love
headband at a STEAL, since she bought it from my OLD SHOP, which
still has a sale going on until all items are either sold or expired! :)

Cheryl from Cheryl's Crafty Jewelry sent me this picture to show
me just how she used her Free Easter Bible Verse Printable!
I printed mine in pink, hers looks GREAT in blue, I love how she has
it set up here with a few other nick knacks.

My Beautiful niece Isabella, looks amazing wearing one of my NEW
silk rose hair clips. You can see more from her photo shoot {here}.

ANNNND Lastly... Here I am wearing another one of my new creations!
I'll be sharing the back story for this is sometime next week. :)

Thanks for stoppin' by for Fan Photo Friday!

A BIG thank you 
to my wonderful fans and customers!

And just so you know:
if youre a fan,
if you have purchased, or even won
any of my products,
If you have created anything
using my tutorials or printables,
if you wanna share where you
have used my printables...
.. please send in your photos!
You can email them to me at:
I'd LOVE that for sure!
If you havent "liked" me yet.. 
then head on over and do it
You know you want to.. all the cool kids are doing it!
And it will make me feel oh so loved!

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