Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are You Ready For More, Zebra Print Decor!? {And Quick A Tutorial!}

So are you ready?
Cause I have a lot of Zebra Print DECOR
to show you today! As well as a cute and very quick
tutorial for some Zebra Wall Hooks!!!
If you have been following my blog for a while you
know that my daughter Kiah has a thing for zebra print,
which is why her bedroom theme is zebra print!

This first photo is a picture of her birthday present from me & the hubs!
She got a new desk, desk chair, computer monitor (the computer itself is
used and a gift from one of her aunties), and custom paintings made by me!
You may remember them from my post {here}.

I took a picture of her zebra print curtains so that I could load it on her
computer to use as the desktop background. :)
She was freaking out when she saw this!
You can see her reaction on my mommy blog in {this} post.
So now Im going to give you a little tour of her room.
From her door looking to the left you can see her closet doors and
her new desk.....

Going to the right there is her window, with her zebra curtains.
When she wants light to come through behind the zebra
curtains she has sheer purple curtains. It looks so lovely!
There is her old headboard/book shelf combo.
We plan on getting rid of it and buying a regular book
shelf for her.
Then there is her semi new futon bed! We bought it for her
for Christmas. We got it from Walmart {here}. Its actually
a really neat bed, she loves it. We all love that
she can have a bed and couch in her room in one!
And its something she can keep and use for
years to come.
Oh and do you remember the cute little lamp shade that I made her?!
I love it in her room.. looks so perfect!

(You can click this photo for a better view)

Next to the futon is the toy chest I bought her from Ross. I love that
store.. its hit or miss most of the time. But they always have
great deals. And I do find they carry a lot of zebra print items!

I also happen to get her zebra print hamper from Ross too~

From her window looking at her door.
I bought her this vintage looking 5 drawer chest at
an estate sale. I still need to repaint it.
(this picture clickable for better view)

And you cant see because the purple bear is covering it...
but her light switch is also done in zebra print!
See the tutorial {here}.

On her door, I got this vinyl chalkboard from the Dollar Tree. :)
And of course, you may recognize that Monogram hair bow holder
that I made her last year.

And lastly.. here is a full view of her room looking in from her door!
You can click this last photo for a better view!

Now her room is pretty much complete.
There are just a few other things I plan to do!
I will keep them a secret until I get them done. :)

But just for fun.. here is a REALLY quick tutorial that I recently
whipped up to add to her room!
She needed a place to hang up her jacket and backpack.
Someplace quick and convenient for her to grab
quickly every morning before school.
So I decoupaged her some custom wall hooks!
I've made some custom wall hooks before,
with a dinosaur theme, you can see that tutorial {here}.

The supplies!
Dollar tree hooks.. perfect cause they were already purple!
Mod Podge
Paint brish

Pull off the hook from the top...

1.) Trace the square on the fabric and cut out!
2.) Cover the square with mod podge
(I recommend maybe painting the square white first.. because
the dora picture showed up through the fabric.. I had to cover them twice!)

3.)Place fabric over the mod podged squares,
then add another coat of Mod Podge to seal!

Then let dry! And thats it.. totally quick and easy!!
Now she will have special hooks for her jacket and backpack
in her room, not on the floor in our front doorway! :)
And they look just so adorable, matching her room decor!


  1. I found you through Bella! I LOVE zebra, too. I want a zebra bedroom....wonder if my hubby would kill me. ;)

  2. hi. Found your website during a google search for a particular desktop background that I wanted.

    Have you tried making some zebra print flannelette pajamas? My aunty made quite a few pairs using existing pajamas as a pattern


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