Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Food Jar Pin Cusion Tutorial

My craft room is kind of a disaster...
well its not terrible I guess.
But it isn't as organized as I would prefer it to be!
Ok.. it's hardly organized at all! lol
But it keeps getting put off because its in our detachable
garage. Im finding myself lately not wanting to go
out there as much, just so I can be inside the house
close to the kids! Unfortunately that means
Im doing more and more crafts and projects inside,
hogging up our dinning table!
Which doesnt make the hubs very happy!
He keeps telling me, he gave me a room
and I need to use it! *hehe*
I agree... especially since its just basically becoming
a storage place for all my craft supplies! Oye.
Soooo to get to my point, Ive decided to slowly work
on getting my craft room organized.

So today Im going to share with you one thing I have made to start
the organization effort! :) Some adorable baby food jar pin cushions!
Inspired by this tutorial on craft pudding.
They are easy peasy to make, and I have a tutorial to show you how.

~Steel wool
(it helps keep the needle from getting dull, as opposed to using cotton)
~ Empty Glass baby food jar any size
(this could work with mason jars too for really big storage!)
~Scrap fabric
~Ribbon of your choice
( I recomend something sturdier than the silk ribbon I used)
~Needle & Thread
Glue gun/glue sticks

Cut a circle from your fabric.. you're going to make a yoyo.

If you already know how to make a yo yo, then you can skip the next two pics!
Otherwise, to make a yoyo all you need to do is take your needle and
thread and start sewing around the edges of your circle:

When you reach the end, you can pull the thread to look like this:

Before pulling the thread tight, this is where you will add the steel wool!
Stuff it good to make it full, this will be the pin cushion on top!

Now pull tight, and sew closed.

Use the glue gun to cover the lid of the baby food jar.

Firmly press the stuffed yoyo onto the lid.

Next, use the glue gun again to glue ribbon around the lid to conceal it.
Add embellishments to conceal the ends.

Screw lid back onto your jar. And thats it!

Now you have a pin cushion, that also stores extra needles,
thread, buttons, beads, and what ever else you need!

Now I can fill up the jars and they can keep my beads, thread and needles
organized, as well as look totally cute in my craft room! YAY.

After I made some of these, I found THIS tutorial on how to make
a tea cup pin cushion! Ahh they are even cuter!
I will HAVE to make some of those too.
They would make great gifts for the sewer in your life as well.

BTW.. do you have any other tips to help me with my
craft room organizatin?
Leave comments, links, or anything you think could help me out!
Whether inspiring me to hurry and get it done, or tutorials,
or links to pictures of your own craft rooms!
Help me out and inspire me!
Cant wait to hear from you!!

Oh and also check out the amazing Linky Parties I join!

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  1. Added to my to do list!!! I already have everything too!!!


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