Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Duvet Cover to Curtain Panels {Guest Tutorial}

We have a guest Blogger here today!
I'd like you to meet one of Agape Love's newest sponsors!
Jayna from RockNRegalia, is such an awesome person, that I have really
enjoyed connecting with and getting to know here in Blogland!
I love that we have a lot of similarities between her and I. :)
I am thrilled to have her guest post today! Be sure to leave
comment love here and then check out her blog!!

Howdy there!
I am Jayna Rae from RockNRegalia.
I am ridiculously excited that Maria has allowed me to visit with you today.
I am here to share some fun curtain panels that I recently whipped up.

We have lived in our house since July of 2004. 
That is almost 7 years.
There are gorgeous real wood blinds on our windows. 
They have made an appearance or two on my blog before.
However, there has NEVER been curtains
on the window in my Master Bedroom.

I just can't seem to decide what I want.
Well, forget it.
It doesn't have to be perfect.
I think searching for the "perfect" thing 
can often deter a person from doing anything.
Case in point.

So, I took my old duvet cover.
This one here with the blue birds.

It still matches my decor.

In fact it is quite similar with the exception of the cute blue birds,
which were what won my heart in the first place.

I mainly replaced it because it has REALLY slightly discolored.

Anywho. This is what that duvet cover looks like now.

Pretty cute, if I do say so myself.
I know it's a lot of pattern, 
but they will be open much of the time,
once I get some tie backs that is.

Oooooh, wait!
Don't they look great as a valance?
Let's see.

What do you think?
Does it work?

Well, let me show you how this process went.
It's pretty simple. I PROMISE ;)

First lay out your duvet cover so that it is flat. You will actually be surprised by how large it actually is.
Next, fold it in half the hot dog way (lengthewise)

Now you are ready to cut.
I am sure measuring would be good too,
but this method actually works quite well.

Now you will have two double dipped (double sided) panels
that are open on one side and the bottom.
The bottom is where the duvet was already open for insertion of the comforter.

Flip the cover inside out.

You may want to pin the edges together.
In my haphazardness, I did not.
This caused me to have to tear out the second panel and resew.
Do it right the first time, unlike me.

Next, I stitched up the open sides.
I left a small area open at the top for the rod to slip through.
(Sorry no photo of this step, but pretty self-explanatory)

Then I flipped it back right side out.
I opened some stitching on the side that was manufacture sewn
 for the rod to slip all the way through the top.

Finally I stitched all the way across the top to make the rod casing.

I turned under the edges of the casing and stitched those as well.

Trim the threads.

These puppies birdies are ready to hang.

And here they are one more time!


  1. I love Jayna. So awesome to see her here!

  2. I have a question for you. I have been looking online for months now to find that exact duvet cover for my college dorm room next semester. I can't seem to find it anywhere online except for here and an old internet ad that has led me nowhere. Do you happen to remember the company that made it or anything else that may help me find it?


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