Thursday, March 3, 2011

Extra Extra Read All About It! {Extra Giveaway!!}

Normally I post about giveaways on Sundays.. 
or remind you on Mondays in the "Did you Know" Posts.
But today is different.. this is a little something extra!
I realized a couple days ago that I had reached a 
milestone on my FB!
Over 200 fans!! :)
Thats so awesome... it totally made my day!
So.. Im doing an EXCLUSIVE giveaway 
for my wonderful FB fans!
I do those every once in a while..
so its worth it to be a fan on there! :)

Im giving away this adorable ruffled fleur de lis hair clip!

Here is an upclose of the detail! :)

If you would like to win this, check it out {here}

Also another thing to keep in mind
I try to do a Fan Photo post every Friday!

This is where I feature YOU, wearing or using any of
my creations! Whether its something you bought from my shop,
or something you have won from me, or something you made
using any of my tutorials!!
I have had a lot of people mention they were wanting to 
make shirts from my free Lucky In Love Printable!
I would LOVE to see how those turn out!

So send me photos, or a link to your blog if you posted about it,
or post photos to my FB wall!
And I will feature you on my blog! :)

Much LOVE!!


  1. Girl did you mean a couple days ago you reached 300 followers, don't even tell me you grew 150+ in just a few days, erghhh,,,, it took me 6 months to get that many followers, lol.

    Congrats girl!!!


    Bella :)

  2. Congrats on so many followers! That is all sorts of awesomeness! :)


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