Monday, March 21, 2011

A Few New Announcements And Bunny Clip WINNER

Before I announce the winner of the Mr. & Mrs. Bunny Clip set,
I would like to tell you about a few other new things going on, 
please take a moment and check them out. Thanks!

We have a new sponsor! Be sure to check her out!!
There may be a giveaway coming soon!

There is a NEW giveaway to enter.
Dont forget that I do a giveaway just about every SUNDAY.
They start on a Sunday, and END on the following Sunday,
Yes thats 8 full days that I run each giveaway!
Winners are always announced Monday Morning.

Also you may or may not have noticed but,
there is a new category in my side bar called
"Let's Shop" -------->
This will be where all the special discount codes
going on from various sponsors will be! They link
directly to their shop, for your convenience! :)

Another thing I would like to mention is that since there
are so many new things going on with my blog,
the look, the schedule, sponsors, and buttons and such
I just want to take a moment and ask what YOU
think of it all? Are you liking it, hating it, think I need
to improve anything? I want to know what you think,
so CRITIQUE my blog! Thanks. :)

And now after all that...

The winning number for the Bunny Clip Set is...

Congratulations Ashley!
Please email me your address, and I will
send out your bunnies soon! :)

If you are bummed you didnt win, you can always
purchase your very own bunnies in my shop!

1 comment:

  1. Those bunnies are pretty darn cute. Congrats to your winner!


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