Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hubs Was RIGHT....Again. (Thursday Things I Love #6)

The hubs was right... again... 
oye... did I just say that!?

Haha.. so yeah if youre a FB fan you may remember 
me mentioning this:

After that I decided to go ahead to the store and look at lipstick. 
I dont wear lipstick... never really have at all!
So that was really new to me. I didnt know what to look for,
or what would be best. Plus all the red lipsticks looked the same to me! 
Though Im sure they all looked a little different on.
So I just grabbed one that looked alright, and bought it to try.
 And this is the result:

Like I said in my FB post I didnt think I could pull off RED lipstick!
I wasnt even sure what makeup to wear with it. I figured a more 
natural face would probably be best since the red kinda pops
so much already! But then figured if I was going to try it, I was
going to go all out. So I created a sultry smokey eye look to go
with the red lipstick. 

Did I mention I was hiding in the bathroom this whole time?
I didnt want the hubs to see me just yet...
I was actually kinda nervous, and felt a little silly!
Kind of like a little girl getting into mommy's makeup, 
and not really knowing what she was doing!
It was a weird feeling... I LOVE makeup... I never feel that way!
Red lipstick was just such a scary new thing to me!

So I step out of the bathroom, with my hands covering my lips
and go out to find the hubs.  
I get his attention... 
and he looks at me (with my hands still covering my lips) and asks what 
happened, whats wrong? 
Im like.. nothing... Im just nervous!
He has no clue whats going on.. he just looked so confused!
So finally I said, I just wanted to show you something...
and I uncovered my lips!
He smiled his million dollar smile that 
melts my heart and makes my knees weak.
He loved it!
And just like when I got my new hair do
he couldn't take his eyes off me. 
He said he loved it, that it looked really sexy on me, 
and that he knew it would look good on me because 
I just have the lips for it!

I guess I do have big ole ducky lips...

After all his compliments, I was feeling more secure and comfortable.
And now I can say I totally am loving red lipstick!
So yeah... the Hubs was right.
It is still a LITTLE scary... but I am definitely more
confident about it. I also love the fact that so far the hubs has
picked out my new hair
had the idea of red lipstick for me, and
just last night he went to a premier designs jewelry party with me
and PICKED OUT a pretty necklace for me.
Am I a lucky gal or what! :)

What do YOU think about red lipstick?
How do you pull it off??
Do you have any good red lipstick suggestions?
Also, lets hear about what YOU are totally lovin' this week!


  1. You pulled it of perfectly! And you a have the perfect shaped pout for it!

  2. You look very sultry. Is the hubs ready for a date?

  3. You look fabulous! You really can pull of the red. I myself am not a lipstick wearer until I recently went for some pizazz...not quite that red, but close enough!

  4. Please share the brand and color. I love the vintage look of it.

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, you know it girl. Gosh you look stunning, like your hubs was RIGHT, all right!!!

    I have always loved it, but I do agree that maybe not everyone can pull it off, but YOU my dear, are a natural. Your hair is the bomb too, lol, I'm such a dork, hehe but I love it. Your eyes, are out of this world fabulous, and you are just DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

    Love ya!!

    Bella :)


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