Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Want You To Critique My Blog

I have been working a lot on my blog the past month or so.
For a while I was switching up background and header,
and working on buttons and labels for everything.
I think I have finally got it right. At least I think so..
But I would like to know what YOU think.
After all you are the ones who will be looking at my blog, 
and reading it! So please tell me what you think.

Im honestly not out looking for compliments, though if you 
have positive things to say, I'll happily receive them. :)
But Im not fishin' here.. just so we are clear! 

I want you to honestly CRITIQUE my blog!
Tell me exactly what you think, no holds barred!
I wont get offended, I honestly only want to improve
my blog, for your enjoyment. :)

I would like to know things like:
Is it neat, tidy, organized?
Do you find it too cluttered?
Is it confusing, or easy to navigate?
How do you like the order of the sidebar?
What do you think of the banner, background?

And anything else you would like to add to that list!
What ever comes to mind, what ever suggestions 
or concerns you have... let me hear them!

Im also curious to know what you think of my  blog content and the new schedule..
obviously If youre a follower, youre a follower for a reason! 
And you must like my blog for some reason. 
But Im sure there are somethings you like more than others. 
What are they? 
Would you rather see more or less of anything specific?
Id like to know your favorite thing about my blog,
and the part you could live without?

Is there anything you would like for me to add to my
blog, that I havent done before? 
Or maybe see me do more of what I have only done once
or a few times? Like makeup tutorials.. or anything else.

Should I "talk" less or more?
I know I tend to ramble a lot... How am I doing with that?

Im open to any and all suggestions, ideas, critiques!
I really want to hear from you, and know what you honestly
think of my blog in all aspects. 
I really appreciate your thoughts and input.


  1. Your background is one of the first things that I ever noticed. I liked that it told me right away who you are. I knew you were Christian, I knew you liked pink, and I knew you enjoyed love. I do like the new banner better than the old one. More makeup tutorials would be great. I was sad that I never found the time to put my face on. I also like that your etsy is on your blog. I don't know how to do that, but I always like it when I see it. My only suggestion might be to move your buttons closer to the top.

  2. Alrighty girl, READY???

    Pink is not my favorite color, lol,,,, so I wish, secretly, without you hating me, that your background wasn't so bright, he he. BUT I love the style and I ADORE your signature, and overall logo, it's totally catchy, and recognizable. I wish I had that!!!

    I feel so weird telling you this, like you will think I'm so mean, but you said be honest,,,

    Also I've been meaning to tell you, when you host your giveaways, I can never find when the giveaway ends, so unless I'm just not seeing it, I don't think you put it on the post, and it might be helpful.

    Other than that mama, I LOVE you, and LOVE your blog, and LOVE your content. REALLY REALLY REALLY,,,, and even if you decide to keep your HOT PINK background, because you LOVE it, then that's the most important thing, I say go for it. It's who you are, and I would not change it just because of me.

    LOve ya girl,


    BELLA :)

  3. Hi there! I'm visiting and now following you from The Girl Creatives blog hop.

    I love your blog! It's definitely organized, easy to navigate through, and not cluttered (which I love). The only real critique I guess I would have is the background. It was the first thing I noticed and I found it a little distracting. Because your banner is so awesome and detailed, maybe you could go a little more low key with the background. I do love how you place one single heart with your signature. Overall you've made a very user friendly blog which your visitors will enjoy each time they return!

    =) Monica @ Ella Bella Butterfly


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your thoughts with me!

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