Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Bella Before And After

 Good Morning all!
Maria here! And I would like you to welcome
a wonderful bloggy friend of mine, Bella
from Bella Before & After.
She is one of the sweetest most helpful 
persons I have met in blogland.
She is guest posting today and I am
guest posting over at her blog today!
So be sure to leave her some comment love,
then go check out her blog.. maybe become
a follower if you're not already!

Hey everyone, I am so happy to be here at Maria's blog. I adore her, and am so lucky to support her blog, and have her support mine too. She is an awesome host, and wonderful to her sponsors. Yay for Agape Love Designs, I love it here. 

My name is Bella ~ Isabella~ and I am the one behind the blog:

I started on this blogging journey in August of 2010. After being a SAHM for 12 years, it started getting to me. I needed something to call my own, other than my kids, lol. Getting a job, unfortunately is out of the question for now, as my kids need me WAY to much, even more so as they get older. Plus being mommy is my number one joy, and duty in life, right now.

I am Romanian, born in Transylvania, came to the U.S. when I was just a baby, lived in California for a good 20 years, (Orange County) and now live in the south (sigh) with my husband who is from India, and 3 kiddos, who range in age from almost 12 to almost 4, with an almost 7 princess in the middle. I love to cook, and have learned quite a lot of Indian food, of course Romanian food, and I grew up loving Mexican food. I like to blog about food, and share recipes with my readers. I'm particularly passionate about organic, non processed home cooked meals.

Some HOT Kerala Indian fish curry, Bella style!!

My mommas homemade bread!!

Savarine, a delicious Romanian pastry!!

Did I mention we make cakes too?
You can check us out on Facebook, for more cake designs!!

I also love to craft, and love to create, and LOVE to save money, and hopefully save the earth a little too, by trying to reuse things I already have, and upcycle other peoples trash. My most favorite kind of craft involves recycling products, and not spending money.

I am growing my own pineapple plant!!

Squeezing my own Grapefruit  Juice!!

I like to decorate the girls hands with Henna, Mehndi!!

I love to garden and can't wait to work on it again!!
I also host a weekly party called 
I've worked really hard at redesigning my blog so I can FEATURE my top 10 every week, on my SIDEBAR, the whole week. It's a great way to be seen, by the masses, hehe ( I wish), but ONE day, I will be big, and you will BEG to be featured on my blog. Until then I do it happily and love helping out new bloggers, because after all, I'm still learning myself, and support is key to growth. 

I love all my followers, and have made some wonderful friends, bloggy friends, and look forward to getting to know you too.

So come on over and see how I clean my stove with my shampoo!

And enter my giveaway, for a chance to win an original
be BELLA (me)

I really hope you enjoyed my post today! I loved sharing with you.

Come say hi to me on facebook, or twitter!!
Don't forget to join me at my weekly party. 

Thanks Maria for having me, I had so much fun!


  1. Oh... she seems pretty inspired and creative, I'll follow!

    I would love for you to check my corner too...


    Isa (from

  2. So awesome to see you here, Bella. Thanks for the chance to learn so many wonderful things about you in just a few words. You know I heart you!

  3. Nice to meet you Bella! I look forward to following your blog.


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