Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Own Maternity Portraits {Happy Birthday Zander}

Two years ago today, my youngest son Zander was born!
SO in honor of his birthday today, I thought it would be fun
to share my maternity portraits with you. :)
You must keep in mind, this was before I actually had a
good professional camera. All I had was my point and shoot.
And I didnt have a studio, and I had NEVER gotten any photos
of myself while I was prego, and this was to be my third and LAST
baby! So I said, I WILL have photo proof of this LAST pregnancy! :)

So I put up a sheet, thought up some poses and ideas, I knew
I wanted. Then gave the camera to Kiah, put her up on a stool and showed 
her how to take pictures! :) She did a great job! And I was just thrilled
to have some maternity photos, FINALLY! :)
I only had to do a little bit of cropping, and did some editing
for fun. This is how they turned out:
Wrapping our little gift from God.

I love this close up one. :)
With how big I was, everyone thought Zander was going to be HUGE!
I was actually really worried. But he was born at only 6lbs 10oz!!

My three beautiful children!
These ones were taken by the hubs. ;)

Me & Kiah.

Me and Little Bruce

haha the hubs... silly boy!
Baby love...
even more gushy baby love! :)
I ♥ this one so much!
Its a boy!

Two years ago today.. I had Zander Gabriel, by C-Section.
Read more about that {here}

Look at this sweet little face! :)
Happy Birthday Zander!


  1. What cute photos! You have a lovely family.

  2. So very sweet! My husband finds pregnancy very creepy, so we never had any photos. I think all maternity photos are gorgeous!

  3. Really cute pics. Both your boys have names that we considered. Happy Birthday to little Zander.

    PS-I bought the Strawberry Shortcake coffee and agree that it is delicious. I had to get out the tiny coffee pot though because the hubs agreed that it may make his coffee taste different. Although, he thought it smelled yummy.


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