Monday, March 21, 2011

Red Bluff Children Photographer {Isabella Sneak Peek}

Isabella is ONE! :)
If you have been following me since practically the beggining,
then you should remember Isabella! I did her newborn portraits.
And boy have I come a looong way as a photographer. I was
(and still am) pretty much a newbie photographer.
So when I look back on those photos I kinda smile, cause
although they arent my best work, and I was so nervous I was shooting
back and forth between manual and auto (yes I admit it)
just to make sure I got (what I thought was) a decent photo,
they were still very much so cherished by her Mommy & family. 

And I am lucky, because her family just so happens to be MY family
too. Isabella is my precious, beautiful niece! I am more than
honored to have her as a little model. This is a sneak peek of part ONE
of her one year old portraits. We have another session in a few days
that will involve CAKE :) as well as some pictures with her parents. 
Well on with the sneak peek.. here are some of my favorites,
it was so hard to limit them to "My favorites" they were all
so dang cute.... But I tried my best. :)

Please click to see these a little larger

If you're a fan on FB you may remember me mention I was working on
my craft room/studio... well you can kind of get an idea of the new look
in these pictures. :) I LOVE the new look!

Does this flower look familiar?
You saw it first in my Saturday Show Offs post.
Its now available in my shop {here}!

 Bella, You darling little PRINCESS! Aunty LOVES you!! :)

You gotta love that even her bible is sparkly and pink! :)


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! This is way too precious! I love it! So sweet! The pearls, the pink, the ruffles...and especially the little pink Bible!

  2. Hey Maria, you know I love ya girl, I feel like is there anything you can't do, and do well!! This photo shoot was awesome. I love little Isabella, she is darling in her tutu, angel wings, Agape Love headband, pearls, she is just beautiful. Your way of staging the photo shoot made everything perfect.

    Love it all.
    I loved it so much I FEATURED you, I know you already saw that, and already thanked me, BUT I am just now thanking you for linking up :)

    **Features from week #29** @ Bella Before and After



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