Friday, March 4, 2011

Saturday Show Offs # 3 {Photo Illusion}

I took this photo in January
of what looks like a shooting star or asteroid!

What do you think?
Any ideas what it really is?
I'll give you hint.. I didnt do any fancy edits on it,
I simply made one quick change to the picture to
get this effect!
Let me know your thoughts, leave me a comment!

Then I want you to click {here} first to see the picture
in its original format.
And {here} second to get a complete full view.

Happy Saturday!


  1. i would say either a fish or a snake!

  2. This is such a beautiful photograph!
    Is it either a fish or a frog??

  3. Dude that's crazy,,, I must have been the only one who actually thought it was something in the sky,,, I didn't think it was water, did all you guys cheat, up above???

    Great job, I would have NEVER thought do to that edit, with that picture,,, you got a great eye, and imagination. I love this, do more,,, I might learn a thing or two.


    Bella :)


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